How to tie a bow tie?

How to tie a bow tie gentcreate

Easy steps on "How to tie a bow tie?" - and how to look stylish rocking a bow tie anywhere in 2020/21!

Bow ties command a certain intellectual aura around them.

A mindset that has been adopted by men who would like to carry a distinct look.

This is synonymous with the fact that bow ties aren’t as easy to wear as neckties.

You will see people in professions like lawyers, doctors, professors demonstrating the ‘evolved’ grade who defy cliché and write their own signature look.

They are formal and functional at the same time. Here are a few popular personalities who sported bow ties – Winston Churchill, Karl Marx, Colonel Sanders, Jim Rogers and Bill Nye. Bow ties can be broadly categorized into two types – Self-tie bows (gentleman’s tie) and Pre-Tie bows such as bow ties made out of solids like our unique hand-made wooden bow-tie, leather, bamboo fiber, cloth, synthetic, plastic, metal or (for boys going to the prom!)

As we discuss steps to tying a bow tie, we will limit our discussion to the Self-tie bows. It is a classic type of tie that commands an erect body posture. With your shoulders further back, you exuberate a dynamic look.

And a gentleman should learn and master the art of tying a bow tie. It is similar to tying a shoelace. In case you have an adjustable bow tie, adjust it to a length around your neck. Or rather adjust its length to the size of your shirt collars. A fixed-length bow tie will not require any adjustment.

• Step 1: Lift your short collars, wrap the bow tie around your neck and button up the top collar button.

• Step 2: The left side of your bow tie should be an inch and a half longer than the right side or vice versa if you want it to go the other way. We shall refer to the ends as the long side and short side.

• Step 3: flip the long side over the short side. Move the long end up through space (void) between your neck and the bow tie. Pull tight to fit the bow like a knot.

• Step 4: Let the long side rest on your shoulder. Pull out the short side with one hand and introduce index finger of your other hand in the middle of this short side. Pull index finger in the direction opposite to the first hand and form up a bow-like shape.

• Step 5: Bring the longer side near this bow shape and run it in over the middle of the bow. You will notice that the shape attained so far already resembles a bow tie.

• Step 6: With one hand bring both the ends of the bow forward and hold them together and pull it slightly away from your body. This will create space (void) under the bow.

• Step 7: Now the part (long side) that was hanging downwards needs to be folded into a bow shape. Push the loop shape into the space created in Step 6.

• Step 8: Now your bow tie is loose and ready to be brought into final tight shape. Hold the folded ends and pull them away from the knot to achieve the desired bow shape. Make sure when you are pulling, you always pull the opposite ends, e.g. when you pull the right front end, you should counter the pull with the left back end.

How to tie a bow tie


How to match your bow tie with other apparel -

For color matching, when a suit made out of plaid or striped fabric is worn, a single color bow tie goes well with it.

Always prefer to wear wool solid bow ties with plain shirts.

When wearing bow ties with a shirt and a pair of jeans, you can choose different color options.

Matching the color of your wait coat to your bow tie is a good choice. Another reason not to prefer pre-tie bows is that they look too symmetrical and perfect. This looks kind of cheap and artificial.

Enjoy your bow tie at formal and not so formal occasions. Pro Tip - When you work on your self-tie bow ties, always wear it slightly skewed.


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