Valentine Gift Ideas for Men


Valentine Gift Ideas for Him in 2021

Valentine Gift Ideas for Men

Plan in advance!

Researching married couples, it was found that women often do not plan ahead gifts like men do!

This is where we change this statistic!

During these unprecedented times, we All spend more time at home with our loved ones. Why not try to be as organized as possible planning for Valentine's day presents in advance? Surprise your husband, your boyfriend, your “him” with the best Valentine's day gift he can ever imagine?
We all need some positive energy around us so let’s deep dive into the magic world of gifts! Let’s start with our Top 10 Picks list:

1. Watched Queen’s Gambit on Netflix? If not, a huge mistake. The series is top-rated and continues to collect good viewership. Where am I heading at? Chess. Yes – you heard me, buying a beautiful chess table will not only invite your loved one for a challenging game but can maybe also prepare the scene for something else after? If he wins, or maybe you win? What happens? Who knows, you set your own rules so let the games begin!

 Queen's Gambit Beth Harmon Gentcreate

2. But before playing chess, to think better, you should open a good bottle of vine. Corkscrew - made of leather with golden reflection makes a statement for your intimate one-on-one Rendez-Vous but also when other guests arrive for a dinner at your place – hopefully soon Mr. Corona permitting.

3. Going back even one step before, your man should look impeccable. Be well-shaved. YES, we know you would appreciate it. A high-quality grooming set always pays off. Take a 360-degrees full well or pick a part of your preference that is maybe missing in your man’s drawer.


4. Ok – let’s o back to the chess game. During or after, letting a top-quality Cuban cigar makes a difference. Maybe for a selfie he would do or for a photo with you before playing queen’s gambit. Don’t tell us the prize if your man wins, keep that for you. Not all secrets should be revealed!

5. But a cigar requires an ashtray. What about having a look at some options we have prepared for you? Trust us, he would be amazed how much thought you have put into pleasing his undisclosed desires…

6. Mhm….maybe on Valentine day you both should dress up for the occasion. Positive as a woman you would find the best outfit that suits you and shows your best traits. However, we know that behind every man there is a successful woman so we count on you for his looks as well. Having an original bow tie will make a difference in your eyes but in your man as well. He would feel more handsome than usual for sure. Try it and do not say we did not think of every single detail to help you have an unforgettable night.

7. Smoking is a bad habit, fine everyone knows that. But limiting yourself to one cigar or two is acceptable according to many gentlemen out there. A nice cigar case as a gift is an object very much useful and needed for your husband to stop at that dose of one or two and concentrate on something else….you know what we have in mind!


8. We did not forget about that magic moment when you sit at the table and enjoy a good meal together. If the pandemic ends, which we all hope for, maybe we will go back to our usual habits and spend Valentine's day and even Christmas in some fancy restaurants. However, if the current situation will be prolonged for some more months ahead, you or your loved one should cook a meal for your two. A fine set of knives guaranteeing precision when you cut your stake or maybe prepare your veggies is always appreciated by top chefs. Try to be a chef also at home at least by having a professional set of tools at home.

9. Want to go a step further and dress up for the occasion even more? We are certainly supporting and won’t be the ones holding you back. Shoes make a difference in man’s clothing. Sorry if you do not agree but Yes they do.

10. Times permitting, maybe you two can head off for a romantic weekend away from the city chaos. In that case, your man would need a fashionable bag to bring all these goodies we have just presented above. Have a look at these ideas, we are positive he will be very thankful to you and grateful for your highly useful Valentine’s day present.

Weekend Travel Bag Valentine's Day Gift Gentcreate

11. I mean Ladies – what is the object you man never separates from apart from you off course? His phone yes, we know you knew the answer. However, many times the phone case you husband or boyfriend uses does not stand up to the style he would or should have as a true gentleman. Do not worry, because we thought of this as well and have some really nice suggestion as a standout accessory for phones you could gift to you “him”. 


12. Talking about very cool accessories, a true gentleman these days wears either a good old Rolex of maybe he prefers an Apple watch for everyday errands. We did not forget about this neither so we would like to propose the leather strap for Apple watches that will certainty make a statement when you two dine at one of your favorite restaurants or why not at your home if we are still in lockdown but would fancy tiding up for a special occasion.



13. Ok we do not want to brag about the Apple accessories too much, let us mention the last one i.e. Alcantara case for Air Pods. The usual one that goes with the original purchase is fine but not enough for your super gentleman. Give a special twist to this accessory as well and have a look at many ideas we have prepared for you to pick and choose for that special Valentine’s day present.




14. Going back to your fine meal at home, maybe afterwards, a nice walk in a neighborhood would not do harm. To digest and sleep better, maybe also walking hugged by your man. If it rains? You do not want to ruin your great hairstyle you have prepared for hours before your date? So, try and think about all different contingencies and do not leave the house without our luxury chessboard umbrella or automatic folding umbrella. Your man would be thankful to you, also because he would need this accessory once the life goes back to normal, hopefully soon.



15. If your “him” works for an important company, be it a bank or a law firm, his cards should be always next to him for nailing the next big deal. It is okay when you take a card from your pocket, but it does leave a statement when customized leather card holder is shown at his clients’ or prospect’ table. So, show him how much brain you have put into picking his Valentines day gift and maybe sneak peek among the following ideas.



16. Be it at your cozy home or after a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant, that special moment when you relax before going to bed matters. Enjoy a cup of tea for even sweeter dreams if you are using a customize a wooden mug does make a difference.


17. And when you wake up the next day energized for new challenges, bring with you the tasteful home-made coffee in a Stainless Coffee Thermos. Or maybe your husband is very much body conscious, so he can fancy preparing a protein shake in his high quality thermos bottle.


18. You would like your man always thinks of you while he is away from home on some business trips. Apart from being very clever to gift him something he would always carry along; it is a stylish decision he will appreciate. A classy man bracelet maybe with your initials engraved, a King's Combo Bracelet or maybe a Imperator's Combo Set is more your cup of tea. You know best you “him” so do not hesitate to pick the best choice for his taste.


19. Moving on to accessories he will always have with him, even closer to his heart would be a fine Mug to drink out from. A love mug will have you with him forever, whenever he is drinking a hot beverage.


     20. To conclude our fabulous list of ideas for Valentine’s day gifts or why not speed up and present him something for Christmas, we will conclude with One & Only Kind accessory. What this can be? Guess…a ring. Yes, we know how much woman appreciated tiding a not. So, return the favor back or maybe incentivize him to think in that direction by gifting to your man a carbon fiber ring, a retro styled ring, a titanium ring or maybe the best choice wooden ring as a sign for your “Happily ever after”.. I mean Ladies – what is the object you man never separates from apart from you off course? His phone yes, we know you knew the answer. However, many times the phone case you husband or boyfriend uses does not stand up to the style he would or should have as a true gentleman. Do not worry, because we thought of this as well and have some really nice suggestion as a standout accessory for phones you could gift to you “him”. Check them out here - Alcantara Phone Case


    Happy Valentine’s day and let us know his comments after receiving one of these beautiful gifts.

    These were our best Valentine Gift Ideas for Men for 2022 Valentine's day. If you are impatient, that is not a problem neither. You can browse through our ideas and maybe start with a Christmas present first? We are on your side and are here to help.

    For your gentleman’s needs, make a choice and shop at the best place @GENTCREATE.

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