Alcantara Car Key Chain

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Alcantara Car Key Chain

Handcrafted from genuine Italian Alcantara famously used in luxury cars, yachts, and other high-class vehicles where interior material & style is of the utmost importance.

Our customers have been really happy with our Alcantara suede products, especially our wrist keychains, wallet key chains, key chain sets, and more.

Most often, the reviews of our customers see our Alcantara car key chain use as BMW key chain, Mercedes leather key chain, and vintage Porsche key chain.

Often retractable key chains will break down after a while, but not our product!

It can also serve to keep your home keys together, or any other purpose.

What is Alcantara and what is it used for?

Alcantara is a special suede-like material most commonly used in car interiors. Alcantara is reserved only for high-quality goods. Now, within our Alcantara accessories collection, you'll find many sustainably sourced materials and more importantly Alcantara products for every need.

Along with the high-grade material, the key ring itself was made from stainless steel metal which is both durable and non-rust at the same time.

Avoid buying a retractable key chain reserved for lower-quality cars and other vehicles where you'll have to replace the broken item soon!

Alcantara suede is multiple times more durable than any material commonly used to produce key rings, along with long life this item will feel great on your finger as it's very soft to the touch and doesn't get dirty due to its stainproof, waterproof, and wear-proof attributes!

Any items made from this material are very expensive, however, we have worked hard to source the materials required to create our products and this design as well.

Complete your Alcantara collection by adding an Alcantara car key chain to your purchase list!

Turn your engine key or villa key with style by rocking the Alcantara Car Key Chain!

  • Handcrafted by leather artisans based in the U.S.
  • Top-quality Alcantara leather
  • Combine your Alcantara leather garments to reach Gentleman status and beyond!

 Alcantara Car Key Chain Gentcreate