iPhone Leather Case "Elegans"

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iPhone Leather Case "Elegans" Luxury Apple Phone Cases

Our iPhone Leather Case "Elegans" is drop protected from even heavy impact thanks to the special AiroShock technology.

Impact-absorbing AiroShock technology and revolutionary material engineering give first-class protection

Along with the beautiful minimalistic phone case design shown in the pictures, you'll see that this leather phone case is made out of high-quality faux leather which ages quite well.

This Gentcreate personalized leather phone case for iPhone 11 comes in various beautiful nature-inspired colors with our bestseller being the saddleback leather iPhone Case.

We offer the highest quality cases covering all iPhone mobile phones cases with even the most popular models like the iPhone 12pro case and iPhone, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone12Mini case, iPhone 11 Case, iPhone12pro, and iPhone 11pro case in all leather designs.

How to clean an iPhone leather case?

In order to clean an iPhone Leather case, take a piece of clean cloth, or any leather cleaner cloths and any leather conditioner liquid available to you. Take some soap and water, if you have warm water even better, then use a circular motion to rub the leather conditioner to scrape and clean any dirt from the small crevasses in the leather.

This will effectively clean your leather iPhone case, this same process can be used in other leather items sold on Gentcreate, like leather wallets, Gentcreate bags and backpacks, and more.

Style and protection are combined in our design, which adds a small amount of bulk.

How to age a leather iPhone case?

With time, your iPhone Leather Case "Elegans" will slowly turn a bit darker and develop a patina, which is that common gloss and branching shown on quality leather, which will only make the product more esthetically pleasing and more luxurious looking.

If you wish to speed up this process, leave your iPhone Leather Case "Elegans" often on direct exposure to sun and salty air if you live in such conditions.

The iPhone Leather Case "Elegans" is available in royal black, navy blue, premium brown, and lake green.

iPhone Leather Case Elegans Gentcreate