Crown Bracelet "Abduco"

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Our Crown Bracelet "Abduco" meaning "To lead away" in Latin, will as it suggests lead you away to new victories in life!

A treasured crown bracelet reminding you constantly of what you really are - a king.

A king that deserves all the best in life - Wear our crown bracelet "Abduco" to spread good vibes throughout your life path.

Keep in mind, as each of our mens bracelet sets is designed by our Scandinavian artists and crafted out of stainless steel wearing it will bring the strength of Nordic gods with you!

Be sure to get your Crown Bracelet "Abduco" set to get karma on your right side, and your lady on the left! - Now you are set for your life path with our mens bracelets collection!

Our crown bracelet "Abduco" set features:

  • Adjustable size.
  • Karma-inspired unique design.
  • Hand-made with Anti-Rust materials.
  • Sustainably sourced.
  • Premium stainless steel beads recycled in Sweden.
  • 100% Sustainable design which supports nature & doesn't affect it in a bad way!
  • Made with love for our Gentlemen community!