Crown Bracelet Set "Adamo"

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Our Crown Bracelet Set "Adamo" meaning "To Fall in Love" in Latin, inspired by Adam, for believers, first of us Men who fell in love with Eve.

Sorry, boys, as we are all out of Eve's - What we did is made a crown bracelet inspired by their love, to bring some love with your lassie, she sure will fall in love with your bracelet enough to take it away from you "Just for today" - Consider it taken forever, guys.

This reason inspired us to create a set guaranteeing that your lady will not take each bracelet.

- Why? Because we named it after Adam, and repeatedly mentioned it's an item for your mens bracelets collection.

If she dares to take your crown bracelet, my friend, contact us at Gentcreate, we will give you a massive discount for the second crown bracelet set "Adamo" you order.

- Each and all of our mens bracelet sets are designed by our Scandinavian artists and crafted out of stainless steel with anti-rust materials.

Be sure to get your Crown Bracelet Set "Adamo", or two if you have a lady taking your jewelry issue we have discussed above!

Our Crown Bracelet Set "Adamo" set features:

  • Adjustable size.
  • Karma-inspired unique design.
  • Hand-made with Anti-Rust materials.
  • Premium stainless steel beads recycled in Sweden.
  • Made with love for our Gentlemen community!
  • Crown bracelet set "Adamo" is sourced & built from sustainable materials!