Vintage Leather Backpack "Lepidus"

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Quality Full Grain Vintage Leather Backpack "Lepidus"

We are proud to introduce you to our handmade leather backpack "Lepidus". As stylish as its utilitarian. Discover our new and fresh black vintage leather backpack "Lepidus" for both men and women. This durable black leather backpack is a tribute to the past's greatest trendsetters.

Real Vintage Leather Backpack "Lepidus"

Our genuine leather backpack is made to be sturdy enough to hold all your items without bending under pressure. Our vintage leather backpack "Lepidus" features full grain leather straps with brass notches to complete your retro look!

This black backpack is absolutely distinctive, original, and incredibly sturdy since it is designed with durability and quality in mind! It is handmade from PU leather with lining textures from polyester.

Full Grain Leather Backpack For Men

The highest quality leather, full grain leather was used to create our model "Lepidus" ( Latin for Elegant ) unmatched in its elegance, this vintage backpack will fit any style you decide to wear!

Real Leather Backpack For Women and Men

Yes, at Gentcreate we focus on items specific for Gentlemen, however, very often we have ladies shopping for their male loved ones, and sometimes end up taking the product for themselves. As we heard the pain of our gentlemen community, we have designed a couple of backpacks that are perfect for either male or female, our vintage leather backpack "Lepidus" is indeed one of those designs!

Large Leather Backpack with Slip Pockets

The vintage leather backpack "Lepidus" is a roomy backpack with over 35L of storage and a multitude of external pockets (2 sides and one front). These pockets are perfect for keeping goods that you want to keep safe and secure while yet being accessible. One more cool thing to know about this large backpack is that a quality leather cap protects the drawstring closure mechanism in the main compartment.

How to pick the best Handmade Leather Backpack for you?

Make sure the material of the bag or backpack is of the highest quality.

The inside of our black leather backpack is just as spacious and minimalist as the other vintage and canvas backpacks from our collection. You'll find vast storage space, a laptop pocket, a zip pocket, and two slit pockets. So you'll have everything you need to keep your stuff organized.

We make it a point of honor to provide you with durable women's and men's backpacks. Because you may end up in situations where the weather can damage your backpack, it needs to be exceptionally sturdy and make out of high-quality materials. This awesome black backpack is made out of 22mm thick waterproof leather, ensuring maximum security and waterproofness. A welcome friend if you forget your umbrella, leaving your items safe and dry.d

Vintage Leather Backpack "Lepidus" Features:

  • Capacity: 36-55L
  • Material: PU leather
  • Lining texture: polyester
  • Size: 42cm x 18cm x 26cm (16.53'' x 7.08'' x 10.23'')
  • Waterproof