Mens Beaded Crown Bracelets "Corpus"

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Our Mens Beaded Crown Bracelets "Corpus" set - Latin for "Body" will give you an out-of-body experience causing you to transform into a complete gentleman!

It's designed for a gentleman that loves to incorporate a little bit of pink bling in their mens bracelets set.

Yes, our mens beaded crown bracelets "Corpus" set is designed by our super gentlewomen team in Sweden along with other crown bracelet sets to inspire modern queens and kings to be the best version of themselves.

Try to get two sets of mens beaded crown bracelets "Corpus" so that you match with your loved one!

Our Crown bracelet set features:ย 

  • The size is adjustable.
  • Gentlewomen design.
  • Unique design.
  • Exceptional finish.
  • Premium stainless steel beads.
  • Hand-made with love!