Mens Crown Bracelet "Circa"

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Our Mens Crown Bracelet "Circa" set - Latin for "Around" will entangle around your wrist like a snake, but no worries it won't bite, instead, it will guarantee positive comments!

We love chess at Gentcreate, and for that reason, we wanted to make a crown bracelet that showcases that affection.

If you know anyone that loves a good game of chess this crown of thorns bracelet set is perfect for them! - Don't gambit your queen, instead gift her with this beautiful crown bracelet set!

Yes, our mens crown bracelet "Circa" set is usually for our faithful gentlemen, however, as with our hearts, our ladies will indeed steal the crown bracelet from us, especially if you buy the queen crown bracelet.

Try to get two sets of Mens Crown Bracelet "Circa" this way your stash of mens bracelets will be yours for wearing!

Our Crown bracelet set features: 

  • The size is adjustable.
  • Chess inspired.
  • Unique design.
  • Exceptional finish.
  • Premium stainless steel beads.
  • Hand-made with love!