Modern Airpods Case

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Modern Airpods Case for models 1,2&pro shells will keep your headphones and their charging box effectively protected from scratches and dirt.

The design of Modern Airpods Case is polished down to the smallest detail to allow you to use all the features of the original Apple Airpods 1,2 & pro case along with this shell.

In addition to high-quality protection, this Modern Airpods Case also brings new life to your charging box.

The shell effectively protects the original white paint that easily gets dirty and the material and design of the shell also ensure that you easily find your headphones among your other things, so you don't have to be afraid that you'd lose the precious headphones.

  • Available for: Airpods 1/2 and Pro 
  • Shock Absorption 
  • Protect Against Scratches
  • Drop Protection 
  • Loss Prevention - Hook to attach to keys or other.