Portable Travel Teapot Set

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Portable Travel Teapot Set The Best Camping Teapot Set

Our portable travel teapot set is the perfect choice for every gent who is looking to take his loved one out for an outdoor camping weekend or an outdoor tea party.

This porcelain teapot set is the best portable travel tea set. All you need is a camping tea kettle and you are all good to go!

The style of this vintage teapot set was described by our customers who mentioned in their reviews that this portable teapot set resembles a Moroccan teapot set and is the perfect teapot gift set to buy for a loose leaf tea lover!

Portable Luxury Teapot Set for your Tea Party

As far as elegant teapot sets this is the most elegant ceramic & glass teapot set of all!

Make sure to bring your tea maker to boil some hot water and your weekend in nature with a cup of warm tea will be amazing!

To buy a teapot online has never been such an easy choice. Our ceramic teapot and cup set is the perfect afternoon teapot set to get to share that lovely cup of tea with your loved ones on the road or anywhere!

Inspired by retro English teapot set designs, our portable travel teapot set comes with a heat-resistant material allowing you to hold your teacup without burning your fingers whilst enjoying.

Can you put a ceramic teapot set on the stove or above the fire?

- Yes, however, as ceramic materials don't take the heat too well use this teapot set on medium temperature only to prevent cracking the ceramic material.

Consequently, avoid placing this delightful portable travel teapot set on an open flame or exposing it to high temperatures.

Best Features of the classy Portable Travel Teapot Set

  • Luxury tea-making set.
  • Lightweight, compact size, easy to carry.
  • Materials: EVA Bag, Ceramic.
  • Teacup capacity: 30ML
  • Teapot capacity: 200ML
  • Weight: 750gr

ย Portable Travel Teapot Set consists of :

  • 1X Tea Pot.
  • 4X Tea Cups.
  • 1X Tea Bag Container.
  • 1X Cleaning Cloth.

An easy-to-carry modern teapot set with free shipping for all distinguished customers at Gentcreate!

Portable Travel Teapot Set Moroccan Teapot Set Gentcreate