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Why Buy 1950s Men’s Fashion? - 1950s Backpacks, 50s Style

When it comes to fashion, without a doubt, what goes around comes around. In the 50s, with the end of the world war, traveling expanded more than ever before and people wanted a vessel to carry their luggage.

Briefcases for the formal businessmen, messenger bags for a day-worker, backpacks for students and military, retro duffle bags for light travelers were in the vogue in the 1950s.

- Yes, these 50s style bags held a special place in the world’s fashion saga. Studying 1950s men’s fashion, bags, and backpacks, we can clearly see that none of these types of bags didn’t go out of trend, but they evolved and became finer and comfortable on the carrier over time.

Besides, the 1950s saw a renaissance in men’s fashion by increasing the colors, patterns, and casualness of the wardrobe. When it comes to the 1950s bags, they evolved from bulky suitcases to more fashionable choices.

Leather and waxed canvas were the most popular materials used in manufacturing 50s style bags. Vintage bags generally last longer and therefore the “greener option”. 

However, there is simply a lot that you need to know about 1950s men’s fashion, and especially the 50s style bags. So, continue reading, and enlighten yourself!

Canvas Backpack Leather Bag Accessories On The Table

1950s Luggage - 1950s Gentlemen's Fashion

Among the 50s bag styles, 1950s luggage plays an important role. The prominent feature that we can focus on when it comes to 1950s luggage is their endurance.

Perhaps, luggage manufactured in the 1950s can still stand proud without any sign of wear and tear. Of course, the durability and quality are the secret for the popularity of the 1950s luggage.

What made them so durable? Well, it is the materials that made this 1950s luggage so durable. In the main, it is either leather or waxed canvas. Both materials are undoubtedly durable and sturdy. Due to those factors, it is still a good call to buy vintage luggage belonging to the 50s bag styles. They can still dignify you and your personal image as a true gentleman.



1950s Briefcases - 1950s Attaché Briefcases   

The boxy square frame briefcases were the icon of a business class back in the day.

Briefcases represented wealth and formality in the days of yore. Vintage briefcases evolved through the 70s and 90s and they’ve become slimmer and lighter just like laptops have. Ideal to complement the business attire a briefcase is a must-have in your work wardrobe.

- However, if you like to possess something unique and vintage, it is never a waste to invest in a vintage leather briefcase. At one look, all the briefcases may seem the same, but that’s not really the case. They come in a variety of materials, of course including leather, number of compartments, fastening types, and so on.

- However, it is the dark-colored 1950s briefcases that were the most popular. Still, we can never forget the Vintage Briefcases, Brown Leather Vintage Briefcase, and Vintage Leather Briefcase when talking with regard. 1950s businessmen had lots of papers to carry with them in their briefcases. While in the modern- day, laptops and tablets are the thing.

So, a vintage briefcase can accommodate your laptops along with few other essentials while giving the effortless elegance of an entrepreneur. Whatever it is, the straps inside in these briefcases have the ability to keep your belongings safe, for several hours, or maybe for several years to come.

And believe us, the materials used for these briefcases have no awkward smells, and thus, these 1950s briefcases are good in looks, and good in user- friendliness as well.


BROWN LEATHER BACKPACK "REX" made full grain leather - GENTCREATE.

1950s Backpacks - Vintage Backpacks for Men & Women 

Carrying your goods on your back is as old as time, and yet, backpacks remain chic. Backpacks or rucksacks have been the go-to fashion of travelers, hikers, and more often students.

Thus, some even consider a backpack not only as a necessity but also as a must-have accessory to complete their casual outfit.

- However, it was in the 1950s that post-war period backpacks became popular among school kids. Vintage backpacks with pocket and strap details will flaunt the popular athleisure attire. Besides, the highlighting 1950s Vintage Retro Backpack, Men’s Vintage Backpacks, and Men's Vintage Canvas Backpacks indeed made good additions to the collections of backpacks available then.

-However, in the recent decade, the trend of men wearing backpacks to work emerged. While it's not the best idea to wear a backpack with a formal suit, if your work clothing tends to be more casual, carrying your belongings in a vintage retro backpack is stylish. So, leaving ahead of the fact of the date of origin, we can specifically highlight that the 1950 backpacks still make perfect matches for the present generations, with their awesome looks, and evolved styles. So, if you are also looking for a backpack, among the most stylish and handy backpacks, the vintage backpacks are sure to be your best choice to suit any outfit and any occasion.


BROWN LEATHER BACKPACK "REX" made full grain leather - GENTCREATE.

50s Style Bags - Which luggage was used in the 1950s?

Of course, the 1950s Style Bags had the power of breaking down the trends and styles, to unveil a wonderful collection of bags, new in designs and concepts.

These vintage-inspired 50s style bags indeed came out in different shades, designs, and leather, with everything in between, to suit the requirements of different users. Accordingly, the following style bags embraced the world, setting out a new trend for the fashion world.

1. Vintage Messenger Bags
2. Vintage Shoulder Bags
3. Vintage Crossbody Bag
4. Retro Duffle Bags

As you might already know, today, the only purpose of a bag is not just to carry luggage around. In the modern world, your bag is also a form of self-expression.

Still, believe us, these 50s style bags fulfill all these requirements of a user, and that is the reason why these bags evolve and emerge again in the fashion world.

- However, you are excited to know more about these 50s style bags, isn’t it? Keep calm, and continue reading! We have lined up everything that you need to know with regard.

Brown Leather 1950s Suitcase

Vintage Messenger Bags - 1950s Messenger Bags

Retro messenger’s uniform was never complete without the messenger bag. The messenger bag is of American origin and was originally carried by mailmen and couriers.

The comfort they offered in carrying heavy goods, and the easy access they provided for the user, made messenger bags a perfect choice for many.

This cross-body bag with a long strap is lightweight and classically made from waterproof waxed canvas. Messenger bags are have always been used as a work bag, for a person who is always on the run.

Besides, the men’s retro messenger bag can be used as a laptop bag too. You can complement your business trips with a messenger bag. If you don’t want to look as professional as a briefcase carrier and at the same time not as casual as a backpacker, the messenger bag is the go-to option that gives the neutral vibe.

 So, owing to its unique features and trendy styles, the modern versions of the vintage messenger bags, indeed have become a choice of many. And doubts aside, even the earlier styles of messenger bags look perfect too. Seeing someone carry a messenger bag, or holding one in your hand would surely prove us right!



Vintage Shoulder Bags - 1950s Shoulder Bags For Men

Vintage shoulder bags marked a milestone in terms of men’s fashion in the 1950s with regard to 50s style bags.

A shoulder bag is a bag with a long strap that allows it to be carried over one's shoulder. There is a wide variety that we can consider with regard to 50s style bags and shoulder bags are undoubtedly one of them. Even at present, shoulder bags are in style.

In fact, shoulder bags are pretty easy to use and you can easily access the items that you have in the bag when you are using a shoulder bag.

They have not become outdated. People use shoulder bags even at the present to carry their mobile devices, snacks, water bottles, sanitizers, or whatever things that they need to take with them wherever they go. Thus, the demand for shoulder bags never went down in the recent past.

- However, since a vintage shoulder bag is more unique than a casual shoulder bag that is designed at present, people worldwide still hunt for vintage shoulder bags. Indeed, vintage shoulder bags, however, are special simply because they are vintage bags.

That implies that they have a higher quality than a new bag thanks to the high-quality materials the manufacturers have used. Therefore, if you want to buy a shoulder bag, you must definitely consider going for a vintage shoulder bag. If we consider the material of vintage shoulder bags, there are vintage leather shoulder bags as well as vintage canvas shoulder bags.

This is up to you to decide on what you like. Vintage canvas shoulder bags are lighter, more versatile, and more durable than leather. On the contrary, you can never expect the authenticity and prestige vintage leather shoulder bags can offer, from vintage canvas shoulder bags.



Vintage Crossbody Bag - 1950s Crossbody Bags

Alright. Now, we are going to focus on vintage crossbody bags. These were also among the 50s style bags. And this style is also a significant landmark when it comes to 1950s men’s fashion styles.

If you are looking for vintage bags, and if your preference is for crossbody bags, we think that purchasing a retro crossbody bag would simply be a wise choice.

- However, what is crossbody bags? Well, a crossbody bag is a bag that has one long strap that spans over the body, with the bag part resting on the waist in front.

Even in crossbody bags, it is easy to carry a relatively small number of items. And we do not think that anybody would disagree if we say that crossbody bags add style to the wearer. This is a major trend in the 1950s men’s fashion styles. And if you wish to go for crossbody bags, you can surely go for vintage crossbody bags.

As you would know, you would have to worry at all about the durability of these bags because these are vintage bags. Vintage leather crossbody bags are usually sturdy. Breakages are actually quite rare. You can certainly carry a heavy load without any difficulty at all if you are using a retro leather crossbody bag.

So, if you like crossbody bags, we suggest you buy vintage crossbody bags. We are pretty sure that it would be worth buying it. These 50s style bags are so nice and unique.



Retro Duffle Bag - 1950s Vintage Duffle Bags

A retro duffle bag is actually perfect for carrying bulky luggage. The long, barrel-shaped retro duffel bag is a thing in the 1950s men’s fashion styles.

During the second world war, the drawstring retro duffle bag was the bag for shoulders that carried their essentials.

After the war, retro bags became affordable due to surplus manufacture and it became a fashion of the 1950s.

Named after the Duffle city in Belgium, this bag is spacious enough to throw anything and everything in it.

Today, a men’s leather duffle bag would be a great match for a fitness fanatic to accompany his gym essentials to the fitness center. Besides, a retro canvas duffle bag is a choice for weekend getaways where you do not have to carry cumbersome luggage.

The waxed canvas bags are multifunctional as well as lasting for a long time. Further, in and out vintage duffle bags would be so helpful for you to carry what you need to carry. Of course, the 50s style bags are pretty cool, right? And yes, retro duffle bags bear testimony to the fact. If you like these types of bags, we recommend you opt for vintage duffle bags.

A modern ordinary bag can never ever resemble the elegance and beauty a vintage duffle bag can offer you. Further, there are canvas retro duffle bags as well as leather retro duffle bags. You can choose the right type that suits you.



Bottom Line about why 1950s Men's Fashion Was Amazing

Bringing back vintage style bags in the 1950s men’s fashion styles is a way to experience a different life through the accessories that you make use of.

With the revolutionized technology and trade, men’s vintage bags have more functions than they ever had. It is the option if you expect to look classy and unique.

Buying the 1950s backpacks and 50s style bags to suit different occasions is the new trend for savvy men. We suggest you adapt to that trend. Although you embrace the 1950s men’s fashion styles, it is a whole new feeling!

Written with love and care by the Gentcreate Team.

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