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An in depth guide & text about what is vegan leather, and how to fit it into your style: 

What is Vegan Leather? - Top 10 Vegan Leather Bags/Backpacks

People have been employing leather and creating leather items for thousands of years.

Ancient men chased wild creatures for food, then, at that point made attire, footwear and rough tents from the hide from the elements. Divider artistic creations and ancient rarities in Egyptian burial chambers tracing all the way back to 5000 B.C. show that leather was utilized for shoes, garments, gloves, containers, bottles, covers for covering the dead and for military hardware. As time went on, humans have developed and upgraded the utilization of leather to be used in numerous day to day items. Larger productions began as ages and eras passed, and it turned out to be a high sought material for most items, especially to be used in fashion and style.

From genuine leather garments to full-grain shoes to Nappa leather bags and leather backpacks it is being utilized in all things, but this is affecting our current environment adversely.

In most cases, vegan leather is made from PU Leather, which is an artificially made leather like material.

Canvas Backpack Leather Bag Accessories On The Table

Cruelty, Environmental Degradation and Animal Leather

To fulfill the significant need a huge number of creatures are killed each year. This is without a doubt incredibly tough on sustainability, ecology, and feelings as people are becoming increasingly educated in the matter.

Aside from the harshness cast upon the creatures, the cowhide industry is additionally not very eco-friendly. The synthetic compounds utilized for the tanning, produce the harmful gases which makes it a hazardous spot for the laborers.

 The additional waste emerging from cowhide plants is loaded with harmful materials and is harming towards ecology. The cutting edge tanning processes utilizes heaps of energy, water and synthetics.

This cycle stains the land so much so that the land used by old tanneries can't be utilized for the production of plants.

Along with the land harm the same processes as well leaves it's mark upon the water and the streams into which destructive effluents are released. Calfskin is produced using cows, pigs, goats, sheep, gators, ostriches, canines, felines and kangaroos skin. These creatures in most cases are killed for their hide to be used in leather production.

Presently the inquiry might surface if not for the animal leather what ought to be utilized instead of leather to create beautiful leather bags, leather backpacks, leather chairs and more? - Because of popularity of animal leather items, especially in fashion, without a doubt something should be there that can replace genuine leather without thinking twice about the nature, ecology, cruelty or sustainability aspect of the item production.

What is Vegan Leather Gentcreate

Beautiful and Cruelty-Free Leather - Vegan Leather

Vegan leather is the most ideal alternative to be chosen instead of genuine animal leather products.

Vegan leather is made utilizing polyurethane, a compound that is effectively used without many adverse effects for nature. It's generally made utilizing plant squander, reused plastic bottles, plastic in general and practical materials like corks from bottles.

Utterly indistinguishable from the genuine cowhide leather, yet not at all like the genuine calfskin as it is eco-friendly. The magnificence and quality veggie leather can really surprise people that wear vegan leather bags or vegan leather accessories for the first time.

There are many substitutes for full grain and genuine cowhide leather today to be used such as quality vegan leather to undoubtedly offer a great variety to fulfill your needs and satisfy your fashion quest. 

What is vegan leather?

Tea Leather Sustainable Vegan Leather for Bags & Backpacks?

Tea leather or 'teather' is a promising biodegradable rough material, created utilizing the remnants of matured green tea. It was created by scientist Young-A Lee and her group at Iowa State University.

A surprising component of this process is in turning food squander – matured green tea result into crude materials. Lee tracked down that a green tea-based cellulosic material can act similarly as leather, and after the group consolidated this material with hemp. The outcome was tea cowhide; an eco-accommodating option as strong as animal leather. The material is presently being utilized to make stylish items without adverse effect to nature.

Scientist Young-A Lee and her group at Iowa State University Vegan Leather Gentcreate

Young-A Lee and her research team and their unique vegan leather vest and vegan leather shoe model made entirely out of celulose & plant materials. Photos by Christopher Gannon

Muskin Leather - Mushroom Leather for Bags & Backpacks?

Next on our rundown is muskin leather created from well... mushrooms!

This sort of vegetarian leather is solid, flexible, and is as of now being taken on by a few brands in the men's & women's fashion & style industry. The growth required here is (advantageously) extracted from the skin & parts of the mushroom species we don't eat, and treated thereafter in a characteristic tanning & production procedure to create Muskin leather bags, Muskin leather backpacks & other Muskin leather fashion accessories!

Vegan Leather Backpack And Wallet

Malai coconut Leather

Coconut leather is another plant-based leather material which includes the cell mass of coconut water and banana fiber that would somehow be disposed of. 

A material not normally used to create vegan leather bags, vegan leather backpacks and especially not foot wear, however, trends have shown a higher interest for fashion goods and items made out of this peculiar material.

Its very interesting style of leather is usually quite rugged and made so that the strings of the coconut itself are showing on the leather surface of the material.

But in some cases the coconut strings can be smoothen to have the smooth leather look.

Vegan Leather Cover For Notebook

Cork Leather

Regular plug leather is produced using the bark of the stopper oak tree and is frequently viewed as manageable on the grounds that the whole tree shouldn't be chopped down to deliver the material.

Exceptionally strong with an unmistakable look, stopper cowhide is likewise waterproof, stain safe, and simple to keep up with.

Stopper leather and textures have been utilized on the lookout for quite a long time, especially in Portugal and Spain where a large part of the crude material is sourced.

You'll discover stopper cowhide in top notch wallets, interesting satchels, footwear and different adornments. One of the most sustainably vegan leather materials.

Vegan Leather Bag

Pinatex - Pineapple Vegan Leather for Bags and Backpacks

Pineapple leather commercially known as "Pinatex" is a natural leather alternative made from fibers extracted from pineapple leaves.

A friendly alternative to leather is made from pineapple waste which would have be otherwise disregarded.

 This innovative vegan leather is loved by the vegan leather fashion scene for its softness, durability and flexibility. It is a natural, non-woven material made from pineapple leaf that is extremely sustainable. 

Vegan Leather Lazy Bag

What is Soy Leather and how is it used in fashion?

Soy leather is a bio-leather produced using soybeans. It was initially made in Indonesia by XXLab, an all-female group, from the fluid waste from enormous scope creation of tofu. Put in an unexpected way, actually like Pinatex, this vegetarian leather is produced using food squander. To deliver soy leather, the specialists heat up the fluid waste – which would somehow contaminate Indonesian waters by the way–with vinegar, sugar and microscopic organisms until the blend becomes microbial cellulose. It is then dried and the completed item is an exceptionally strong weathered texture that can supplant creature cowhide in the creation of shoes, packs, and different adornments. 

Vegan Leather Boxing Gloves - Gentcreate

What is Zoa Bio Vegan Leather?

Zoa bio-leather is produced using bio-manufactured materials, with no any creature items or poisonous synthetic substances. It is testing our traditional impression of the garments we wear on the grounds that the material can hold to any form, makes any shape, takes on any surface and join consistently with any material. 

It's usually used to create vegan leather crossbody bags, vegan leather shoulder bags or vegan leather messenger bags due to it's toughness, Zoa Bio-Vegan Leather is the perfect material choice to create durable shoulder straps for bags & backpacks.

Additionally it is very often used for crossbody camera bags, and generally vegan camera bags and vegan camera backpacks due to it's water-resistant compounds.

Vegan Dress Shoes For Men - Gentcreate

Cartina Recycled Paper Leather

Cartina recycled paper leather is up until this point, the only material currently produced using reused paper as vegan leather in the style business.

A Tuscany-based name, very stylish in it's name, it gives the Italian gentlemen vibe; Cartina leather has surprising sturdiness and delicate surface and is at present being utilized in the making of Cartina paper backpacks, Cartina Recycled Paper Leather Bags, Garments, Shoes and Vegan Leather Duffle Bags.

Vegan Leather Gloves Holding The Watch

Cost Effective - Vegan Leather Bags & Vegan Leather Backpacks

Vegan leather will cost exceptionally less contrasted with animal leather bags & backpacks. Very much the same feel and look like animal leather. Also, vegan leather is made in processing plants and the primary advantage is animals aren't subjected to any cruelty nor there are many ecological disadvantages to producing vegan leather bags and vegan leather backpacks.

Vegan Leather Messenger Bag

Durability, Reliability and Uniformity of Vegan Leather

Vegan leather materials & Vegan Leather Duffle Bags, Vegan Leather Tote Bags and in general any vegan leather luggage is low upkeep dissimilar to animal leather. They don't blur, break, become hardened and are normally without stain. Additionally, as fake calfskin is man-made cowhide; they are accessible in scope of shadings and shades. Assuming one need to have a uniform look, vegan leather is the most ideal alternative. Every one of the bits of specific item produced using vegan leather will look a similar which isn't the situation with animal leather. 

Does Vegan Leather Stretch?

Some vegan leather does stretch and some does not. Most Vegan Leather is made from plastic derivatives, and most plastic does stretch, but not as much as genuine animal leather.

Is Vegan Leather Genuine Leather?

No. Only Animal leather is considered to be genuine leather. Vegan Leather is made artificially using polyurethane or other vegan materials, such as corks, pineapples, mushrooms, coconut & more.

Vegan Leather Materials

Seamless Stitching of Vegan Leather Bags & Messenger Bags

Vegan leather is extremely durable. It is highly flexible which gives it a ability to have seamless stitching. 

Man stitches vegan leather

Aesthetics and High-Quality Vegan Leather Accessories

Innovative work that goes into vegan leather bags and backpacks grants people that carry them full control their own style, vibe and look the items.

In contrast to animal leather, vegan leather goods allow items to be created with a vast variety of textures and colors as it's a lot easier to dye vegan leather bags and backpacks for example in contrast to animal leather or Nappa leather backpacks.

 Man Holds Vegan Duffle Bag

Variety of styles - Vegan Leather Fashion Styles

Because of the broad tanning cycle of animal leather, trying different things with various shadings, contrasts, colors and surfaces becomes quite satisfying for the average Gentlemen, especially one shopping for vegan leather bags & backpacks at Gentcreate. With vegan leather, this is never an issue. You can without much of a stretch concoct various surfaces and one of kind tones to suit your prerequisite. It's significantly more adaptable than some different assortments of animal leather. 

Vegan Leather Material

Water Resistant and Lightweight - Eco-Friendly Vegan Leather

One of the critical advantages of having a vegan backpack is that they are lighter than any full-grain leather backpack.

Whether you are buying a vegan leather backpack for the workplace or a vegan leather duffle bag for travel, you can bring it with extraordinary comfort & ease due to the light-weight nature of vegan leather bags.

Beside this they are waterproof or water-resistant at best so consequently your items stay in perfect condition. The most awesome thing is that vegan leather bags give you the full freedom to style yourself as a gentleman at the fraction of the cost of genuine leather bags and backpacks! From shoes to garments. From vests to bags just let your design dreams roam free! Humans as a whole realize becoming environmentally friendly is extremely popular now and what could be better than vegan leather?

- Cherry on the top, buying a vegan leather bag allows you to sleep at ease knowing no animals were slain to create your new favorite men's bag or women's backpack.

Style, a good price, ecologically friendly and spacious vegan leather bag or backpack what else one can one want?

From duffle packs to bags. From packs to vegan leather crossbody bags. Here are your best eco-friendly travel partners which protect your belongings environment and off set afloat your new boat that is your style! 

Woman Leaving Laptop In Vegan Leather Bag

Vegan Leather Duffle Bags for Men and Women

Vegan Leather Duffle bags are a utilitarian & minimalist pack style.

Regularly, they are wider, more spacious and larger than your usual vegan leather weekender bags or vegan leather overnight bags, expected to be handily conveyed by the client. Vegan leather duffle bags are made of a delicate material to hold larger items, travel equipment or hiking gear effortlessly; their usual uses are intended for sports and military purposes. The propensity for vegan leather duffle bags to be used as a vegan leather bushcraft bag or a vegan leather hiking bag comes from the utilitarian capabilities of these bags and their durability.

Vegan Leather Duffle Bags come in different kinds. From Men’s Duffle Bag to Men’s travel Duffle bag. Ladies Duffle Bag to Black leather duffle bag. Furthermore, vegan leather duffle bags are only there to upgrade your gentlemen or gentlewoman style even further through Gentcreate vegan leather duffel bags.

From designs to solidness you simply cannot love your new vegan leather amigo. 

Men Holds Vegan Leather Duffle Bag

Women's & Men's Vegan Leather Crossbody Bags

A vegan leather crossbody bag can be just that one extra thing you need in your life. - Imagine having your hands free to hug or bug your loved one while wearing all your stuff, ready to zoom out the door at any time, imagine holding your coffee strolling carefree down the street, going to work with your new vegan leather crossbody bag from Gentcreate.

Make it a reality! - Check our new, fresh Women's and Men's Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag collection here.

The main idea of any crossbody or messenger bag is so that your hands can remain free, allowing you more freedom to engage with your surroundings without having to put your bag or briefcase down to interact or to hold your hands in your pockets during cold weather.

Regardless of whether you're going to Tokyo for quite a long time or basically checking Montreal out for a couple of days, a cross-body bag is an extremely functional thing to pack for any outing or traveling.

In contrast to a briefcase or a handheld duffle bag, a crossbody will remain on your shoulder while you take off your shoes and at the same time scramble for your ticket at security to board your flight with any easy airplane carry on vegan leather crossbody bag.

Furthermore, when you arrive at your destination, a cross body feels a somewhat safer approach to wield around significant things, such as you wallet, ID or else.

Lastly vegan leather crossbody bags simply shows your passion for eco-friendliness & align yourself with the mission of sustainability on which Gentcreate is on.

Vegan Leather Bags And Backpacks

Gentcreate Vegan Leather Backpacks for Men & Women

A vegan leather backpack can be a large hard-duty backpack for use as a school or college backpack or bookbag, a small vegan leather backpack for around-the town or urban use, or a medium-sized vegan leather rucksack made of high-quality vegan leather worn using vegan leather shoulders straps and used without needing to use your hands to hold the bag.

Vegan leather holds its shape better contrasted with animal leather, which unwinds after some time with use.

Since some vegan material backpacks are made using a special kind of plastic, vegan leather is also more impenetrable to water and stains less than genuine leather.

Vegan leather can be made in essentially any tone and completely finished, allowing buyers to pick a sack that truly conveys their personality.

Vegan leather backpacks are a great choice for a individuals who are environmentally oriented and who have an issue off with using or eating animals.

Vegan leather is so similar to animal leather in it's looks, sometimes it's hard to tell which is which! Vegan leather backpacks are made so similar to full-grain leather backpacks without any animal leather.

Vegan leather is usually more reasonable than genuine leather when buying a leather backpack is in question, making it an ideal choice for individuals who need a leather backpack yet don't want to burn number of dollars. 

If you are looking to buy a trendy vegan waterproof leather backpack, a vegan waterproof retro backpack, or perhaps a vegan leather & vintage canvas backpack - you may browse and buy some of our bestsellers here.

Vegan Leather Backpack Hangs On The Tree

Vegan Leather Bags for Men & Women - Vintage Leather Goods

Using bags has been the part of human existence & our utilitarian ingenuity for quite a long time.

Men & Women have consistently found some way to bring items along the way as baggage in a comfortable, protected and simple way.

From vintage leather travel bags made into satchels, humans have made some amazing progress in regards to style, travel and versatility of bags & backpacks.

Finding a perfect pocket friendly vintage vegan leather bag was previously a herculean task. - But, not anymore, at Gentcreate we offer our men's and women's communities a large selection of handmade vintage vegan leather bags, backpacks, duffle bags, crossbody bags, bushcraft bags and more!

Here vegan leather acts the hero. A hero to rescue us from the harsh industrialist manner in which the World is spinning into.

A hero to help us wield our favorite material items through thick and thin with its toughness and durability.

A large assortment of vintage vegan leather bag colors, tones, surface textures and more.

People simply cannot get enough of the vegan leather bag & backpack trend! 

So it has become crystal clear while displaying your new ideal style, naturalist orientation, sustainable mindset and almost no impact on your wallet nothing can beat the Vegan leather goods!

Match that with a long-lasting community, free shipping and 24/7 customer support, the choice is obvious at Gentcreate.

Vegan Leather Suitcase

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