Vegan Leather Crossbody Steampunk Bag "Vapor"

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Vegan Leather Crossbody Steampunk Bag "Vapor" Gentcreate

One of the coolest vegan leather messenger bag designs out there, our vegan leather crossbody steampunk bag "Vapor" ( Latin for steam ) will have eyes fixated on your vegan messenger bag surely, people will try to check the time by looking at the clock on your steampunk crossbody bag, however, the clock is simply a design feature and doesn't actually tell the exact time. 

This high-quality vegan leather messenger bag is made from faux leather called PU leather, which is high-density material that makes it very water-resistant and is perfect for any type of environment.

The Best Vegan Leather Messenger Bag for Men and Women

It definitely is one of the most unique designs you'll come across. Wear it as a steampunk shoulder bag or hold it by the top handle wherever you go.

Our vegan leather crossbody steampunk bag "Vapor" has an adjustable shoulder strap, this adjustable strap is made from quality PU Leather and canvas fabric making it sweat-proof and odor-proof.

This bags straps are also padded and wear-proof, which ensures the strap itself won't wrinkle and deteriorate over time, making it one of the best vegan bags on the market!

Many of our customers have been using this awesome vegan leather crossbody steampunk bag "Vapor" as a laptop bag, and as a business bag due to its smaller pockets for your phone, water bottles, or wallet.

It's guaranteed to inspire people to check the industrial style culture, and it just may inspire you to become a "Steampunk".

What is Steampunk Fashion?

Steampunk is a mesh of the industrial age in Europe in form of technology and Victorian-era fashion. The steampunk fashion culture has been rising each year as trends continue to grow.

The Best Vegan Steampunk Crossbody Bag

Definitely. Our vegan steampunk crossbody bag has seen an incredible spike of interest ever since we have released it within our Gentcreate vegan bag collection.

At this time a mix of vegan leather and steampunk fashion is trending upwards due to the higher demand for vegan products in fashion.

We at Gentcreate have been very busy meeting the need for more steampunk fashion by offering unique products such as vegan leather messenger bags, vegan leather crossbody bags, steampunk crossbody bags, steampunk shoulder Bags, and more.

We are planning to release more exciting products, especially vegan steampunk crossbody bags in the following years, so stay tuned by signing up to our e-mailing list for updates and discounts!

Be different by steaming your way into the fashion world with your very own industrial vegan leather crossbody steampunk bag "Vapor".

Where to buy Steampunk Fashion - Vegan Messenger Bags 

We can proudly say at Gentcreate we are pioneers in mixing vegan leather products with the steampunk culture.

We will be focusing highly on creating more exciting vegan and steampunk-inspired products, so tune in!

Vegan Leather Crossbody Steampunk Bag "Vapor" Features

  • Style: Vegan Messenger Bag / Vegan Leather Briefcase
  • Fabric texture: PU Leather / High-Density Faux Leather
  • Lining: Recycled Nylon / Sustainably Sourced Polyester
  • Bag Shape: Rectangle
  • Padded Shoulder Strap, High-Quality Top Handle
  • Small Pockets for Phone, Keys, Wallet
  • Size: 25*21*9cm

Brown Vegan Leather Steampunk Bag Vapor Gentcreate