Black Leather Backpack "Ater"

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Black Leather Backpack "Ater" - Minimalist Leather Rucksack

Minimalism and design can often create something so classy and magnificent it leaves no one wordless, thus prepare for compliments gentlemen! Our black leather laptop backpack "Ater" is here, the best black leather backpack for the urban minimalist!

Are black leather backpacks in fashion?

Leather backpacks and backpacks, in general, went from giving you that awkward high school inbetweener looks to the top of the world's high fashion runways.

Definitely one of the most popular men's accessories today are backpacks along with watches, black leather backpacks will never go out of fashion!

This large black leather rucksack will always be in trend due to its premium leather design. Our classic leather backpack has awesome features making it perfect for everyday use: Side pockets, padded shoulder straps, and it can also fit any laptop up to 15 inches.

Leather shoulder bags are slowly going out of fashion, and versatile canvas backpacks, leather bags and leather backpacks used for school or as travel backpacks are slowly trending upwards!

Bags for men that have been so often bought this year are also slowly trending downwards paving the way for men's leather backpacks to take the scene, especially black leather backpacks men's or women's that is.

What to look for when buying a laptop backpack?

  •  First, choose a laptop backpack that can actually fit your laptop! - This backpack is quite stretchy even though it's high-quality leather, it will surely fit your device without issues!
  • Make sure the backpack is sturdy enough to prevent bending of your device, our black leather backpack "Ater" has that criteria checked!
  • Choose a laptop backpack that can hold the laptop along with other necessities like a wallet, sunglasses or glasses, books, portable charger, and more - Yes, our black leather backpack "Ater" compartments are spacious enough to fit your belongings and keep them safe with a quality zipper system.
  • When picking a leather rucksack for your laptop, check if the fabric inside is premium leather, polyester, or cotton canvas. Only some of these materials can withstand the elements and only some men's leather rucksacks have high-quality features allowing for your laptop not to get damp during rainfall.

Large Black Leather Backpack "Ater" Features

  • Capacity: 20-35L
  • The internal structure of the bag: zipper pocket, mobile phone pocket, ID pocket, computer pocket
  • Opening method: zipper
  • Material: PU Leather & Full Grain leather
  • Specifications: Breathable, Waterproof, Wear-resistant, Anti-theft, Anti-vibration
  • Withstands the Elements
  • Pattern: plain
  • Lining texture: nylon
  • Accessories type: Backpack and shoulder pads
  • Strap root number: Two
  • Colour: Black
  • Backpack Size: Width 26CM Height 37CM Thickness 12CM

Black Leather Backpack "Ater" Gentcreate