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Why Are Backpacks So Important For People?

Backpacks are important for people because it is a safe, comfortable and easily accessible way to carry items. They can be used for a variety of purposes in a variety of settings. A backpack is our home away from home. "Omnia mea mecum porto" that is Latin for "All that is mine I carry with me" and backpacks are an integral part of that experience & liberty.

So picking a home normally isn't an easy choice, so same like buying a home, when looking to buy a work backpack or a gym backpack your buying experience & choice should really match your style and functionality that you are looking for, at Gentcreate we fill the spot of showing you your new home away from home in form of a Top 10 Backpacks For Work & Gym to buy in 2022, join us on this journey by reading this text we carefully wrote for you!

What is a Work Backpack?

A work backpack is a backpack that is designed to be worn while you are working, or a backpack you wear to work, then store your lunch inside it and the basic necessities, like your phone, laptop, wallet or a book to read when commuting back from work.

It is often made of a material that is resistant to dirt and odors, such as waxed canvas, genuine leather or vegan leather, so you can use it for work, school and gym. A work backpack should have many interior and exterior pockets so you can carry the stuff you need for work or school.

What is a Gym Backpack?

A gym backpack is a bag that is designed for carrying workout clothes and gear. A gym backpack is very similar to a school backpack and is often made of a durable material like nylon or canvas.

They also often have a separate compartment for shoes. A gym backpack is popular with people who like to go to the gym after work, and for that reason, buying a gym backpack goes hand in hand in having that same backpack be used for work as well.

How To Organize a Backpack For Work and Gym

The first thing you want to do when organizing the backpack for work is to make sure you have all the necessary supplies you need for the day. Include pens, notepads, stapler, any necessary forms or business cards, and whatever else you may need.

You'll also want to make sure your phone is charged and your tablet if you have one. After you have the necessary supplies, you'll want to put them in an easy to reach location. One good place is to put them in the front pocket of your backpack. Another option is to put them in a compartment of the backpack.

 Finally, you'll want to make sure you have the clothes you'll need for the day. If you're going to be wearing a suit, you'll want to put that on the outside of the backpack. If you're wearing a uniform, you'll want to put it on the inside of the backpack.

If you are planning to hit the gym after work, packing your work backpack as a gym backpack as well takes a bit more time. You'll want to include a change of clothes, a towel, a water bottle, and any other supplies you need for the gym. If you have a locker at the gym, you will want to keep those items separate from those needed for work.

The key to packing a backpack as a gym backpack as well as a work backpack is to do so in an organized fashion.

Top 10 Best Backpacks for Gym and Work

1. Vintage Canvas Backpack "OG" | Small Work & Gym Backpack

If you wanted to buy a unique retro vintage backpack for men, you have found it. "Is it time to buy a new backpack? If so, then you should consider our new backpack.

If you are a true vintage style enthusiast, this backpack will be a great choice for you. 'OG' is a perfect name for it. OG is a vintage canvas backpack for men.

The OG backpack is made from a special fabric called cotton canvas fabric. In other words, the backpack is made from a high-quality full-grain material. This backpack is made from high quality waxed canvas materials making it totally waterproof.

You can use it at work then go to the gym stuff wet clothes in it and get caught in the rain and still your laptop will stay nice and dry inside the laptop compartment! Of it can also be used as a small hiking backpack, small gym backpack, other outdoor activities.

The vintage backpack OG is a great option for all men and women who want to feel comfortable and do not mind having a retro look.

Vintage Canvas Backpack "OG" Best Features:
Size: 42cm x 30cm x 12cm (16.5''x11.8''x 4.7'' inch)
Capacity: 16l
Comfortable & Padded Shoulder Straps
High Density Materials
Front and side pockets
Computer Compartment
Interlayer Interior
Zipper Pocket
Style: Vintage Style Backpack

Vintage Canvas Backpack

2. Modern Leather Backpack "Decoris" | Leather Work Backpack

The modern leather backpack, Decoris, is made to be sleek and minimalist. It's also great for everyday use for work, or as a gym bag. It's got all the pockets you need for different items, like professional attire, textbooks, and your laptop. There's plenty of room for all your needs.

Made as a minimalist work backpack that can also be used for gym, our modern leather backpack "Decoris" is made of premium leather whose colors vary from brown to earthy tones, as is the case with most backpacks.

It also comes with a trendy single seam as well as a rope handle for a seamless design. The backpack is a work essential for hiking, going to the gym or going on a trip. It can vary from brown shades to shades of earthy shades, leaving the decision of which color to pick up to you.

Made of high-quality leather and a single seam, the backpack is a modern and affordable way to get a high-quality backpack. No matter if you're going on a trip, going to the gym, going to the mall, going to school, going to work, or looking for an everyday backpack, our modern leather backpack “Decoris” will be perfect! Any color will go with any outfit!

Modern Leather Backpack "Decoris" Best Features:

Size: 30cm x 14cm x 40cm
Style: Modern
Capacity: 24L
Weight: 1.1kg
Material: Leather

Modern Leather Backpack

3. Vintage Leather Backpack "Quadrata" | Leather Work Backpack

A simple, minimalist design with a twist of retro, our vintage leather backpack "Quadrata" - Definitely one of the best leather work backpacks, and leather gym backpacks at the same time!

 Geometry has never looked so good on your back. Inspired by geometry, this "Quadrata" - Latin for square - square-shaped backpack has its own vibe.

However, if you like curves, this backpack isn't for you! Decorated by smooth full-grain leather, the square-shaped beauty will always have a spot in your heart. The backpack is ergonomically designed, minimalistic in its design, and very lightweight considering the quality of materials that were used to construct it.

Best Features of the Vintage Leather Backpack "Quadrata"
Opening method: Zipper
Material: Full Grain leather
Waterproof & Wear-resistant
Hardness: Soft surface
Colors: Black, Khaki and Brown 
Materials: Full Grain Leather
Lining Material: Polyester
Strap root number: Two
Style: Retro and Vintage
Lifting parts: Soft Handle

Vintage Leather Backpack

4. Waxed Canvas Backpack "Urbs" | The Best Canvas Backpack For Work

Tackling the issue of wet clothes and laptop during rain, comes our champion - waxed canvas backpack "Urbs".

Our special edition retro vintage backpack for men and women has a 100% waxed canvas fabric that provides an extra layer of insulation, this means that rainfall and bad weather doesn't mean a bad mood anymore!

Our anti-theft backpack will keep your belongings safe and organized, due to its many inside pockets. Our water resistant backpack for women or men is perfect for school, but it can also be so so much more! It is perfect for travelling, or using as a laptop backpack for college, no matter what color you choose, you are sure to blend seamlessly into the crowd.

The Gentcreate retro vintage teal backpack for men or women is just one of the many not-so-conventional colors that has been added to this vintage-inspired design. These colors are unique and will help make sure you stand out in the modern world, especially when you use it as a gym backpack or a work backpack.

Waxed canvas backpack "Urbs" Features:

Size: 42cm x 31cm x 11cm (16.5'' x 12.2'' x 4.3'')
Material: Waxed Canvas | Leather
Style: 1950s | Vintage | Retro
Weight: 1.3kg
Purpose: School | Work | Gym
Capacity: 16L
Comfortable & Padded Shoulder Straps
Quality Hardware Cotton Fabric Lining Inside
Zipper pocket & Laptop Compartment

Waxed Canvas Backpack

5. Waterproof Retro Backpack | Large Work Backpack

Originally made to be used as a hiking backpack, we have seen more and more customers use it as a large work backpack or a large gym backpack.

The waterproof retro backpack stays waterproof in all weather conditions. It’s retro style and eco-friendly design make it perfect for anyone who loves sustainability and wants to have something retro as a part of their attire. This large work backpack has a multitude of pockets inside and outside.

The design also includes a laptop compartment to store your 15-inch laptop in flat compartments, although it is also possible to store it in the designated laptop pocket with enough room for the charger cords.

Unlike most large backpacks, this one has enough space for books, laptops, and clothes for college without feeling too heavy, making it the perfect waxed canvas work backpack.

Best Features of the Waterproof Retro Backpack:
Weight: 1.5kg
Size: 47cm x 33cm x 15cm (16.5'' x 16.5'' x 5.9'')
Style: Vintage | Retro | 1950s Capacity: 23L
Rain Cover: Waterproof Materials Padded Shoulder Straps
Build To Last
Handmade Vintage Design Laptop Pocket
Welded Seams
Padded Sleeve For 17'' Laptop

Waterproof Retro Backpack | Large Work Backpack

6. Waterproof Leather Backpack | Best Waterproof Backpack For Work

Discover our attractive waterproof leather backpack, made from waxed canvas materials and leather, and prepare for your next adventure.

The Waterproof Leather Backpack has a retro vintage design and is made from quality waterproof and water-resistant materials. Our waterproof canvas backpack serves urban adventurers that like to venture to the gym right after work.

This waterproof canvas and leather backpack has a spacious interior with a compartment for a 15-inch laptop as well as two interior slit high-quality pockets, a zip pocket, exterior pockets, and a pen pocket which help you keep your items organized.

This waterproof leather backpack has a classic and minimalist design that allows you to take it with you on any occasion. Its adaptability and features make it an all-around waxed canvas backpack that will follow you everywhere, whether you're going on a day's walk or heading to work or university.

You also won't have to worry about what the weather is like outside. Our waterproof leather backpack is made from a combination of the highest quality leather and waxed canvas material that is waterproof and water-resistant.

The oil waxed genuine leather and canvas on the exterior, with a soft cotton lining on the inside and a pleasant and long-lasting polyester lining on the exterior will give you that extra retro fashion look you've been search for when going to work or gym! The leather shoulder straps are padded and adjustable.

The canvas and leather backpack also includes spacious outside pockets for easy access to your accessories, keys, water bottle, or phone.

Best Features of the Waterproof Leather Work Backpack
Weight: 1.3kg
Size: 45cm x 32cm x 15cm (17.7'' x 12.9'' x 5.9'')
Capacity: 24L
Style: Vintage | Retro | Boehme
Padded Shoulder Straps
Lining Material: Polyester
Build To Last
Gender: Unisex
Roll Top Handmade Vintage Design

Waterproof Leather Backpack | Best Waterproof Backpack For Work

7. Smell Proof Backpack | Men's Gym & Work Backpack

Our high-quality double zipper 100% smell-proof work backpack was designed to be an odor-proof bag to keep your books in while looking stylish at the same time.

A part of our special edition work and smell proof gym backpack collection products use an extra layer of protection through active carbon lining sutures and the technology to bind the smell-proof fabric with an odor-producing particle and negate its effects through carbon filtered waterproof zippers.

Underneath the smell-proof fabric are water-resistant zippers so your books will survive the elements. The special edition backpack collection is perfect to store any warm food that produces a smell and prevent the smell from getting outside of the backpack.

Best Features of the Smell Proof Backpack "Alumni"
Size: Large
Fits Laptop: Up to 14 inches
Back Cotton Cushion
Best For Young Adults
Can be used: As a men's college backpack and a women's college backpack
Lifting Parts: Soft Handle
Bag Hardness: Soft and Foldable
Strap Root: Two
Material: Polyester, Active Carbon Lining, and Canvas Leather
Colors: Khaki, Black, Brown Bag
Size: Height 42 cm x Width 19cm x Length 30cm

Smell Proof Backpack | Men's Gym & Work Backpack

8. Retro Vintage Leather Backpack "Bona Fide" | Genuine Leather Rucksack

Retro Vintage Leather Backpack "Bona Fide" It is a tough guy among retro leather backpacks with a number of types of leather such as saffiano leather, buffalo leather, crazy horse leather, and other full grain leather materials.

This brown vintage leather backpack from Gentcreate with a waterproof design is often used by our customers and is a leather laptop backpack as it has a beautiful and spacious laptop compartment. It has a zipper design that prevents any odors from getting in or out. Making it perfect to be used as a gym backpack or a genuine leather work backpack.

Simply pack your lunch box and stuff if inside the retro vintage leather backpack. This leather backpack with metal-zipper design will not allow any odors to seep in, in the same way that the dirty clothes in your bag will not be able to emit any odors.

Easily fit in your clothes and clothes for your workout in the gym. Put your shoes inside the shoe compartment when you aren't using the laptop compartment, or if you decide to buy this premium leather retro vintage backpack, it is also perfect for your groceries on the weekend.

Best Features of the Retro Vintage Leather Backpack "Bona Fide" | Genuine Leather Work Backpack
Backpack Size: Medium
Inside: Zipper pocket, Mobile phone Pocket, Laptop Compartment
Opening Method: Zipper
Perfect for Men
Material: Leather
Cortical features: Cowhide | Saffiano Leather | Buffalo Leather
Best Features: Breathable, Waterproof, Wear-Resistant, Shock-Resistant, Lightweight
Hardness: Medium to Hard
Style: Rugged | Vintage | 1970s Men Leather Backpack
Lining texture: Polyester Cotton | Cotton Thread
Strap root number: Two
Carrying parts: Soft Handle Bag Shape: Rectangle
Carrying System: Curved Shoulder Strap
Perfect Use: Work | Gym | Travel | Overnight Travel Backpack | Laptop Knapsack
Color: Brown, Dark Brown
Accommodating Laptop Size: 14 inches

Retro Vintage Leather Backpack

9. Leather Work and Gym Backpack "Corium"

Built from premium materials, the Leather Work and Gym Backpack "Corium" is perfect for college students or working men and women looking for a black bookbag with an extra flair for leather!

Whether you are looking for a laptop bag, or just your average backpack, it is the best choice that is available. This bookbag will fit all your needs, whether you are looking for women's shoes, men's boots, water bottles, a shaker, a laptop, or even a coffee maker.

Depending on your desired color, this backpack comes in two variations.

Should you buy a black gym backpack, black leather work backpack or a brown backpack instead?

One prominent question these days is "which colors should I combine?"

This is a difficult question with many possibilities for outcomes. Should you combine black and brown straps? Black and green? Brown and blue? Red and green? Blue and orange? Yellow and violet?

This is a difficult question that can be answered in many ways, which is why it is important to experiment with both looks. We recommend starting with just one color.

Try the monochrome look - only use one color in your entire outfit, brown backpack, and all brown outfit. Or try the 50s vintage look - white fedora hat or beanie, black leather backpack with all white clothes!

Top Features of the Leather Work and Gym Backpack "Corium"
Capacity: 20-35L
The internal structure of the bag: Zipper pocket, Mobile phone bag, food zipper, computer pocket/laptop compartment
Opening Method: Zipper
Material: PU leather & Full Grain
Leather Hardness: Soft
Lining Materials: Nylon & PU Leather
Strap root number: Double root
Carrying parts: Soft handle & Padded Shoulder Straps
Color: Black, Brown Black Backpack & Brown Backpack
Size: Length 30cm x Width 22cm Height 45cm

Leather Work and Gym Backpack

10. Black Leather Work Backpack "Ater" | Black Leather Gym Backpack

Minimalism and design can often create something so amazing it leaves no one wordless, so you can expect plenty of compliments gentlemen!

Our black leather laptop backpack "Ater" is here, the best black leather backpack for the urban minimalist!

Leather backpacks went from giving you that awkward high school inbetweener looks to the tops of the world's high fashion runways.

This large black leather rucksack will always be in trend due to its premium leather design which has awesome features making it perfect for everyday use: padded shoulder straps, and its compatibility with any laptop up to 15 inches.

Black leather bags are slowly going out of fashion, and versatile canvas backpacks, leather bags, and leather backpacks used for school or as travel backpacks are slowly trending upwards! What will you prepare to take to school, work or the gym this year?

Top Features of the Leather Work and Gym Backpack "Corium"
Capacity: 20-35L
The internal structure of the bag: zipper pocket, mobile phone pocket, ID pocket, computer pocket
Opening method: zipper
Material: PU Leather & Full Grain leather
Specifications: Breathable, Waterproof, Wear-resistant, Anti-theft, Anti-vibration Withstands the Elements
Lining texture: nylon
Accessories type: Laptop Compartment
Strap root number: Two
Color: Black Leather Work Backpack
Size: Width 26CM Height 37CM Thickness 12CM

Black Leather Work Backpack

"One Of the Best Backpack Brands For Work"

More often than not, we love to share the lovely comments we get from our customers, and this was one of them.

John wrote a review saying he bought a total of four work and gym backpacks in different colors and which he is combining with his wardrobe color-wise and getting more glances then usual.

We know John is a dapper gentleman, however, we do believe the backpacks he is wearing surely had an effect of the eyes of nearby beholders!

Gentcreate is an online brand focused on selling high quality items such as backpacks, bags, duffel bag, other luggage along with men's accessories like jewelry, journals for men & other premium goods.

Along with being a gentlemen oriented brand, we believe one of the major reasons of our numerous community is that we are a eco-friendly, cruelty-free & sustainability focused brand.

Browse the Gentcreate collection of all backpacks HERE.

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Vegan Leather Brown Messenger Bag- Gentcreate
A man is carrying a premium leather brown messenger bag over his shoulder by the luxury fashion brand Gentcreate.
Materials and zipper of the leather messenger bag made by Gentcreate.
Black Leather Messenger Premium Bag By Gentcreate
The bottom part of the leather messenger bag of luxury fashion brand Gentcreate
Black Leather Premium Messenger Bag By Gentcreate
Vegan Leather Brown Messenger Bag- Gentcreate
A man is carrying a premium leather brown messenger bag over his shoulder by the luxury fashion brand Gentcreate.
Materials and zipper of the leather messenger bag made by Gentcreate.
Black Leather Messenger Premium Bag By Gentcreate
The bottom part of the leather messenger bag of luxury fashion brand Gentcreate
Black Leather Premium Messenger Bag By Gentcreate

Vegansk skinn messenger bag Herba

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