Leather Backpack "Corium"

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Leather Backpack "Corium" Best Leather Bookbag?

Built from the highest-quality leather materials, our premium leather backpack "Corium" is simply the best choice for college students that love a bit of flair in the form of a smooth leather rucksack as a fashion accessory.

Perfect to be used as a black bookbag due to its shape, extra gear like a laptop, and men's clothing or women's clothing, depending on if you are a lady or a gentleman reading this.

Our premium leather backpack "Corium" is a large rucksack able to hold all your stuff, be that women's shoes, men's boots, water bottles, a shaker, a laptop, or even a coffee maker!

"Corium" comes in two variations: As a black backpack and as a brown backpack.

Depending on your wardrobe, or if you are using it as a travel backpack will your choice differ.


Black Leather Backpack or Brown Leather Backpack?

  • Try the monochrome look - Only use one color in your entire outfit, brown backpack, and all brown outfit.
  • Experiment with a black leather backpack & all-white clothes look.
  • Try a clothes "fade" - Use dark shoes, dark gray pants, light gray shirt, everso slightly use lighter colors and end up with a white fedora hat or beanie.
  • Use opposing colors on the color specter for them to pop: Red & Green, Blue & Orange, Yellow & Violet.

An often posed question, how to combine clothes based on color, is a question often as ambiguous as a style question can be. I hope that we at Gentcreate answered that question on which colors to combine when wearing your outfits along with your backpack.

Choosing the right backpack color and utility?

Nothing beats a good old classic black backpack or brown backpack. Shoulder bags and messenger bags are buzzing at this time, however, a classic black leather backpack or a brown leather backpack is all you need as a college student, high-school student, or a casual backpack bearer looking for a full-grain leather backpack to buy.

Premium Leather Backpack "Corium" Materials and Features

  • Capacity: 20-35L
  • The internal structure of the bag: Zipper pocket, Mobile phone bag, food zipper, computer pocket/laptop compartment
  • Opening Method: Zipper
  • Material: PU leather & Full Grain Leather
  • Hardness: Soft
  • Lining Materials: Nylon & PU Leather
  • Strap root number: Double root
  • Carrying parts: Soft handle & Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Color: Black, Brown
  • Black Backpack & Brown Backpack Size: Length 30cm x Width 22cm Height 45cm

Black Leather Backpack "Corium" Gentcreate