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What is a Leather Backpack & Why Should You Buy One

A Brief History of Leather Development

From ancient history to these days, leather is one of the most useful discoveries in the field of human clothing. Ancient civilizations and cultures used leather to make clothing and footwear to protect themselves from winter, among other things.

This custom of our ancestors has been passed down through the generations to our time. Old craft workshops have been replaced by modern leather processing machines. In addition to its protective function, leather has changed its role and become a necessary part of our lives.

With the progress of technology and thus the greater need for travel, leather has transformed its original function into manual functions of wearing everyday items such as leather wallets, leather journals, shoes, leather bags, and similar products for which it is best known today.

In this article, you can read everything you want to know about leather backpacks of the highest quality, which are at the same time extremely beautiful and useful accessories.

In addition to its aesthetic characteristics, a leather backpack also has a very important practical side. A backpack gives us the confidence to know that our belongings will be safely guarded within the backpack itself. Whether it is vintage or belongs to the new era of fashion, a leather backpack is always a good solution, because it's a timeless accessory for either gentlemen, gentlewomen, or children!

If you want to make yourself or a loved one happy with a beautiful gift that is also very affordable, we recommend you to look at our selection of leather backpacks.

What is a Leather Backpack?

Different Types of Leather Backpacks of the Same
High Quality

If it’s raining, choose your favorite leather backpack, and don’t worry!

Leather is waterproof so it doesn't get damp during harsh weather or rainfall. In addition to longevity and quality, leather bags are trendy and attractive for everyday as well as for formal events.

The practicality of retro leather backpacks is their rugged look due to worn-out leather materials used to make it and even more importantly the interior look of the backpack itself which allows you to pack the retro backpack in an organized fashion.

Because the popularity of leather backpacks has grown rapidly in the last few years, having one that is unique and comfortable is a great fashion accessory to add to your "good look arsenal".

Top 10 Leather Backpacks for Men and Women to Buy Online


Surely you want to know what kind of retro and modern leather backpacks we have prepared for you. Here is our selection of leather rucksacks that will make you feel very elegant.

If you carry a bag stuffed with a lot of things every day, the most important is that you can quickly and easily find and draw the things you are looking for inside your bag. Here you can find leather backpacks for everyday use at work, in the office, or on a walk.

Have you always dreamed of having one backpack for every occasion? If you go straight from work to meet your friends, no problem. A leather backpack for work is simply ideal for any event.

Weekend trips are an opportunity when we can take a break from everyday obligations and habits. The most beautiful days of vacation are those without too many things that burden us. Take the most necessary things, pack them in your special leather travel backpack and enjoy your free time. Here is our suggestion for this weekend.

Quality leather has always been highly valued. It's immensely valued, especially in the fashion industry due to it's popular demand from shoppers and fashionistas and it's great importance is attached to a feeling of satisfaction while wearing a certain leather fashion accessory.

Leather backpacks are an indispensable part of every man's and woman's life. As Madonna says "Material Girl" ladies often add a lot of value to their belongings, and for that reason it's important to have a comfortable and modern leather backpack in which you can put all your accessories with a front and back pocket no matter how many fashion accessories or gadgets you have.

This means that leather retro backpacks are a must-have fashion detail this autumn. If you are the businesswoman who carries a laptop everywhere, you will adore women's leather backpacks in an old-fashioned manner. Leather straps with brass notches are just a part of the vintage look that makes a leather backpack a unique and perfect fashion detail. 

1. Vintage Leather Backpack "Fortuita"

Made with high-quality vegan leather & stainless steel buckles, this vintage leather rucksack serves the purposes of both a brown leather laptop backpack as well as a backpack for any other occasion at the same time.

Best Canvas and Leather Backpacks to Buy Online Gentcreate

2. Modern Leather Backpack "Decoris"

Available for purchase in black, brown, coffee, and gray colors, this classy leather backpack is perfect for both women and men. This backpack was designed with thin shoulder straps that look sleek and modern, also the shoulder straps are also padded for extra comfort. Can be used as a work leather backpack or a school leather backpack.

Best Canvas and Leather Backpacks to Buy Online Gentcreate

3. Leather Smell Proof Backpack "Lenis"

A leather smell-proof backpack characterized by a smooth structure of full-grain leather is the perfect college or business backpack. This is because our new edition of leather rucksacks is made to help you pack all your necessities, including smoking accessories too in just one smell-proof backpack that keeps smells inside of it. It doesn't matter if you bring a lot of books or a laptop, there is space for all of them in this leather backpack with zipper pockets. Put a laptop, books, or a tablet in the right compartments and enjoy traveling light.

Best Canvas and Leather Backpacks to Buy Online Gentcreate

4. Vegan Leather Backpack "Caligo"

This minimalist leather backpack "Caligo" will delight you for several reasons. In addition to the modern design, this backpack is special in the fact that it is made of 100% vegan leather. Believe it or not, our popular black vegan leather backpack is created from recycled plastic water bottles and 100% recycled nylon. These materials guarantee the quality and durability of the backpack. This compact and practical vegan leather backpack is the perfect choice because of its shoulder straps that make it easier to carry a laptop or some other thing you want to bring everywhere with you.

Best Canvas and Leather Backpacks to Buy Online Gentcreate

5. Black Leather Backpack "Ater"

Sometimes elegance is in simplicity. This black leather backpack is a perfect gentleman's everyday fashion accessory because of its minimalist design. Whether you pair it with sporty or business clothes, you can't go wrong. This stylish leather backpack has side pockets and comfortable shoulder straps, as well as the ability to fit on any laptop up to 15 inches. If you want to have it all, we recommend the classic, always-needed black leather backpack for all occasions.

Best Canvas and Leather Backpacks to Buy Online Gentcreate

6. Vintage Leather Backpack "Quadrata"

If you are a fan of square bags, this timeless square-shaped leather backpack in different colors will leave you breathless. Due to the highest quality of design, this leather backpack is adapted to everyone, so you don't have to be worried about your back's strength. This leather backpack suits every gentleman because it is flexible and easy to carry, but also visually attractive and modern. Once you've experienced the comfort of carrying a square leather bag, it'll become a necessary part of your style.

Best Canvas and Leather Backpacks to Buy Online Gentcreate

7. Brown Leather Backpack "Rex"

Supposing you are a well-organized person whose bag is always neatly packed, we recommend you backpack with a front pocket because it makes packing simple and systematic so the most important thing is always easily accessible. The brown leather backpack is available in two variants, and the leather from which both types of backpacks are made has been treated according to the best quality processing. Look for the perfect shade of brown leather backpack in a vintage or modern look and pack up for new life challenges in just a few pockets.

Best Canvas and Leather Backpacks to Buy Online Gentcreate

8. Retro Vintage Leather Backpack "Bona Fide"

The advantage of a classic leather old-fashioned backpack is that it never goes out of fashion. The original brown leather backpack "BONA FIDE" is created from the finest leather that is resistant and long-lasting. The internal compartments of this backpack make the backpack safe and reliable for your equipment such as laptops or tablets. The combination of aesthetics and functionality makes this backpack an interesting as well as a very useful accessory that you will surely enjoy!

Best Canvas and Leather Backpacks to Buy Online Gentcreate

9. Vintage Leather Backpack "Lepidus"

Handmade with great care and attention to detail, this classic black leather backpack is as elegant as retro, which makes it the right choice for women as well. Yes, you read it right! In our collection, you can find several vegan leather backpacks that your darling will also like. This leather backpack is also unique in its sliding pockets which make it comfortable and practical for carrying all the items necessary for each new working or active day outside.

Best Canvas and Leather Backpacks to Buy Online Gentcreate

10. Leather Backpack "Corium"

This school or student leather backpack, available in brown or black, is an ideal choice for book lovers. Pack your favorite coffee in the backpack compartment with the book, and learn with joy! The soft and customized shoulder straps guarantee the comfort of this backpack!

Best Canvas and Leather Backpacks to Buy Online Gentcreate

11. Leather Crossbody Backpack "Singularis"

The elegance and sophistication of our bonus crossbody knapsack will take your breath away. It may be the last item on the list, but it is not the last option for you because you will surely not be indifferent when you see it in your favorite color. Whatever mood you're in right now, this backpack crossbody bag will make your day easier to carry.

Best Canvas and Leather Backpacks to Buy Online Gentcreate

How to Pick the Best Leather Backpack For Your Necessities?

Each material used to make the rucksacks should be carefully selected according to your sensibility, age, and need. Buying leather backpacks online has many benefits. You do not have to hurry, you can evaluate and choose your favorites, then find all the features that interest you, such as leather waterproof materials, size, interior look, as well as the style itself - vintage leather backpack or modernly designed, but with a tint of ruggedness perhaps? Whether you are looking for cute leather backpacks for school or a leather hiking backpack, this top 10 leather backpacks list surely will help you pick your winner.

Why Should You Buy Vegan Leather Mini Backpack?

1. They are practical, lightweight, and portable.

2. They are made of eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

3. Vegan skin is not only beautiful, but it is also resistant to damage.

4. You will pack the essentials in a mini leather backpack and enjoy the ease of carrying them.

5. By choosing to buy vegan leather backpacks, you are helping to protect our planet.

Why Should You Buy Vegan Leather Mini Backpack?

Top 5 Pros of Buying Leather Backpacks Online at Gentcreate

1. You don’t have to stress yourself by going to the store, maybe more than once to explore all the available leather backpacks.

2. The offer is always updated, so you can always find what you're looking for quickly and easily.

3. There is a detailed explanation and instruction for each leather product.

4. You are always up to date on current discounts and special offers.

5. You can choose to stay at your home and you don't need to make a quick decision about which leather backpack is the best choice for you.

How to waterproof a canvas backpack?

Buy Leather Backpacks Online at Gentcreate

Keep in mind to choose your new favorite leather backpack based on your needs. Because this type of backpack can last a lifetime, it is important that you choose the right one for you!

Written with love by the Gentcreate Team.

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