Leather Smell Proof Backpack "Lenis"

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Leather Smell Proof Backpack "Lenis" - Urban Backpack

Our special college edition smell proof backpack collection features one of the most unique backpack designs you'll see - The unique black leather backpack "Lenis".

This large black leather rucksack serves all needs a smell-proof backpack should have!

Build from smooth full-grain leather, it has zipper pockets to store your water bottle, any 15 laptop, or a tablet.

This Gentcreate special edition black rucksack backpack as we have mentioned is from our smell-proof backpack series, which is accomplished by treating the leather in a special way before stitching the black leather backpack to be what it is as a finished product.

This water-resistant smell-proof backpack is perfect for smokers as this smell-proof bag can hold all your smoking accessories due to its active carbon lining it can contain all smells within the smell-proof backpack itself.

We have designed a perfect smell-proof duffle bag, now we have worked hard to design the perfect high-quality smell-proof backpack which we were able to pre-roll into this beauty! - The leather smell-proof backpack "Lenis".

How to choose the perfect school backpack?

Picking the perfect backpack to wear at school is always a hard choice, this backpack will hold all the books that will educate us for a better tomorrow, some say books wield the soul of their writer, and as we humans like to sit in a classy car, as well as us, books like to travel in style, and why not fit them inside the classiest car out there? - black leather backpack "Lenis" is the classiest way for your books to get from point A to point B!

This large black leather rucksack is the perfect choice for you since it comes from our smell-proof backpack collection, we often use one backpack for an entire school year or more, so having a smell-proof backpack will do wonders for you after those gym sessions, trust us!

How to fit a black leather backpack with my style?

You can't do any wrong to fashion by rocking a black leather backpack! Match it with a cool set of jeans and a shirt, and in no time, you'll see friends gazing at your classy vehicle, a.k.a. black rucksack backpack "Lenis" by Gentcreate.

Smell Proof Backpack "Lenis" Features:

  • Lining texture: Polyester
  • Laptop Backpack
  • Padded Strap Root number: Double root
  • Lifting parts: High-Quality Soft handle
  • Square vertical section
  • Smell Proof Backpack
  • Full Grain Black Leather Backpack
  • Side Pockets
  • Heavy Duty
  • 100% Smell Proof
  • Front Pockets
  • Waterproof Zippers
  • Double Zipper

Large Black Smell Proof Backpack Gentcreate.com