Leather Crossbody Backpack "Singularis"

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Leather Crossbody Backpack "Singularis" 

Most good things in life come in two's: Couples, Peanut Butter & Jelly and... Socks.

- But, do know that this leather crossbody backpack "Singularis" is an exception to that rule!

A unique Backpack Design Retro Leather Satchel for Men

Its one-of-a-kind design with a single crossbody strap will capture glances and make eye fixate on you until you get that question: "Where did you buy that awesome leather backpack"?

You'll love it so much, you'll be happy to say I got it at Gentcreate, a place where every gentleman has a place to sit, an ashtray where to put out a cigar, and a back that will always be protected by our unique retro backpack collection!

A single strap leather backpack 

A backpack for the daring gentleman, for the ones that love being different & rocking a retro style. With its smooth leather, bold colors, and captivating design, ladies can wear this backpack as well and look pretty much awesome thus reaching the status of a Gentlewoman!

- How to pick your ideal leather backpack color?

Leather Crossbody Backpack "Singularis" comes as an Army Green Leather Backpack, Navy Blue Leather Backpack, and Earth Brown Leather Backpack

Choosing the correct backpack color for you is always a hard choice. However, it's a sure thing to match the color of the backpack with your trousers or pants. At the same time try to use a t-shirt or hoodie with a contrasting, but complementary color to the color of your Leather Crossbody Backpack "Singularis". 

Leather Crossbody Backpack "Singularis" features:

  • Opening Method: Zipper
  • Backpack size: Medium
  • Backpack shape: Square 
  • Breathable: Yes - Prevents stale smell.
  • Leather Feel: Soft
  • Lifting Handle: Soft
  • Lining Material: Polyester

Size: 21*13*34CM (length, width, and height), fits 9.7-inch iPad/Tablet.