Umbrella For Men - Become an Umbrella Expert

Umbrella For Men

Umbrella For Men - Become an Umbrella Expert! Learn everything about Umbrellas!

Umbrellas are generally synonymous with rain; they are also an adequate safeguard against sun and wind.

  • The National Umbrella Day celebrated every year on 10 February is a tribute to our friend, the umbrella, who has lasted with us for centuries. Umbrella has seen several incarnations. It first appeared to be used as a parasol as a shade from the sun.
  • The words ‘para’ meaning shield and ‘sol’ being the sun. And the first umbrella design patent was filed in 1923. It has kept on evolving ever since. Even the US Patent Office employs 4 full-time employees to assess umbrella patent requests.
  • Umbrella is an elegant accessory for men. Over the years, women have stylized umbrellas with different colors and styles.
  • However, men’s umbrellas have primarily been black in color and carried a gentlemanly look. The most common use for men’s umbrella has been as an accessory or a mere walking stick. Umbrella for men can be defined as a folding canopy supported by metal ribs mounted on a wooden or metal pole with an attached handle.


Three broad Umbrellas Types

Traditional full-length umbrella – We have witnessed old gents carrying their black wooden umbrellas for years. It has been an epitome of formal dressing for men. It is made of wood and has a manual folding mechanism. The versatile wooden hook made it handy to hang on the wall and hang over the arm when taking down notes using both hands. These are the sturdiest lot. They would easily last you 10 years when used regularly, or otherwise a lifetime.

Spring mechanism collapsible umbrella - They bring versatility and upward mobility to the traditional umbrella. They can be collapsed into a compact shape with a 2- or 3- fold mechanism. You can easily slip them into your office luggage or keep it in the car. The click button opening mechanism is the hallmark of collapsible umbrellas. This has taken the umbrella when no traditional umbrella has gone before! A few courageous gentlemen have even fitted it into their pockets! It is the uber-sexual and metrosexual male’s choice for an accessory. They come in colors and patterns.

Hi-Tech Umbrellas – In the age of technology and computer-aided design, the humble umbrella has undergone several design changes. By design, we don’t just mean printed patterns or graffiti-style canvas. Several new design umbrellas include: Wi-Fi camera umbrella, Senz’s aerodynamic umbrella, unbreakable umbrella, Winbrella, etc.

What to look for when buying an Umbrella Here are a few things that you should inspect before you make the buying decision

Canopy – The most valuable part of the umbrella, the canopy should be waterproof and made of sturdy, durable fabric. And it should ideally be a snug fit on the umbrella ribs. Always make sure you unfurl the umbrella to look for any flaws.

Frame – The ribs hold the other parts of the umbrella together. It should be tight yet easy to open and close. The frame should be sturdy enough to withstand strong headwinds. Make sure to check the quality of metal used in the frame.

Shaft or rod – It is the backbone of an umbrella. As an umbrella will double as a walking stick most of the time, it should withstand the pressure while walking. It would be either be entirely made of wood or metal with a wooden tip. Make sure to check the shaft length to suit your height. In a situation where the bigger version of an umbrella is difficult to carry, the Italian artisanal brand Francesco Maglia (1854) has an umbrella that can be dismantled. You can assemble it when you need to use it. You have to be truly set-on to go with it.

Umbrella Canopy Umbrella Shaft Umbrella Rod GentcreateUmbrella for men



Rihanna’s umbrella song lyrics go, “You can stand under my umbrella”. Typically a gentleman’s umbrella should be big enough to accommodate himself as well as his better half. When you invest in a quality umbrella, it keeps you dry and in style at the same time.


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