Easy way to track your order from Gentcreate.

Here is how it works:

When your order is sent from one of our warehouses, you will receive a Shipping Confirmation e-mail from us at Gentcreate with your tracking number included within the e-mail itself.

Then proceed to click on that number to have it re-direct you to one of the 3rd party websites we use to track order, or simply input the tracking number below to see the whereabouts of your order.



Important information regarding tracking info:

  • Order Numbers don’t instantly update, sometimes the shipping company takes a few days to update the order information as the shipment is en route, and thus may some delay may occur in the shipping information itself.
  • If your tracking number entered shows that it is currently unavailable, do not be alarmed - Your order has been prepared or has been shipped out and is in transit, however, tracking information wasn't updated by the shipping company yet, check back in a few days to see the tracking information update.
  • If you see any irrelevant ads on the tracking page once you enter your tracking information, please do ignore it
  • We use a third-party order tracking service to ensure the best tracking result so we have no way of controlling the ads shown on it - Thank you for understanding.

Have any questions - contact us at at any time.

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