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Leather Card Holders & Wallets

If you're looking for a sleek and stylish way to carry your cards, then look no further than our Genuine Leather Card Holders. Made from premium quality leather, these card holders are the perfect way to keep your cards safe and organized. Whether you're looking for a traditional black or brown leather card holder, or something a little more unique, we've got just what you're looking for. With multiple card slots and secure snap closure, our Genuine Leather Card Holders are the perfect way to keep your cards safe and stylish.

Browse and buy your new favorite leather card holder from Gentcreate - a place meant for all men and women who are looking to buy premium leather goods that will last a lifetime.

Genuine Leather Card Holders and Wallets For Men and Women - Buy now at Gentcreate


A card holder is an thin wallet-like item used to primarily hold a card or cards, instead of paper bills. Card holders are designed to keep credit cards, in a manner that allows the card to be used without being removed from the holder, or makes the process of pulling out a card easier than with a wallet. Card holders typically have a slot or opening in which the card or cards are inserted. A card holder is a minimalistic way to keep your money or cards safe without needing to have a wallet that is larger in size.

Definitely, leather card holders are great: Leather will not affect the magnet strip located on your credit cards, nor will it scratch your cards the way that a metal case might. A good leather card holder will have tight-fit credit card compartments or will have a snap or some other type of closure to keep your cards from falling out.