We have created Gentcreate with a mission to be as sustainable as we can. Our retro inspired designs are created from sustainably sourced materials leaving a miniscule footprint on our world.

Our mission is to become 100% sustainable by 2022, by having all our packages from 99% bio-degradable materials, and absolutely every zipper, leather, wood & other materials to be 100% sustainable by 2024 thus completing our mission!

Whether it's done through the plane of our designs, plans, materials, or the materials we use for our packaging, we are committed to the sustainability cause relinquishing our planet of one extra footprint.

By each donation made during the check-out process you will be funding our mission to gradually use more and more sustainably sourced materials, using donations from our Gentlemen & Gentlewomen Community we were able to say that in 2021 we are 90% sustainable with an exception on packages we use for bigger items such as our wooden watch boxes, and large backpacks.