Did you know that there are 7.9 billion people living on our planet?


Out of that massive number, 50.5% are men!

We, as men, being the "majority" this means we have to work extra hard to court the ladies!

This means that grooming well, suiting up in style & having the right accessories will go a long way to win the princess you will one day call your loved one!

Our mission is to assist you in being the best version of yourself, be that courting the ladies, or just looking cool on any occasion!

All the items we sell are made from high quality materials, resourced with ecology & sustainability in mind.

The products on our shop are made by hand, and by buying them you will directly be supporting us, and the communities on which we rely for items to be hand-made.

Most of the items sold in our shop are made by hand in Sweden, United Kingdom and China.

Following a passion for all things classy, we - a few gentlemen & gentlewomen have decided to create a brand focusing on bringing back the gentleman's code to the modern age along with helping men style better.

We strive to create gents from men, help you be a better man through various subjects we cover in our blog and the highest quality products to make you the dapper one!  

We have always admired the gentlemen manners, style, behavior & overall grooming and it's affect on people, especially on ladies.

For that reason, we have set out on a course to help men feel the same way up to up their gentleman "game".

- Team