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Vegan Leather Bags & Genuine Leather Bags


Being able to carry around your things as you progress through your day is a vital part of modern life.

Whether it’s your books, laptop, or lunchbox, you always need someplace to store these items as you take them with you outside of the house.

- This need, however, doesn’t mean that your leather adventure bag and backpack for men can’t be stylish and fashionable.

A variety of vintage leather bags, vegan leather bags and backpacks for men these days are especially fashionable in fact, but of course, you need to know a little about fashion to decide which is the best leather bag is for you!

Brown Leather Crossbody Bag "Pugna" Carried By The Man Gentcreate
Man holding Brown Leather Crossbody Bag "Pugna"  - Gentcreate

PU Leather, Nappa Leather, Saffiano Leather & Crazy Horse Leather Bags

Most popular leather bags to buy?

- Leather Messenger Bags

- Leather Duffle Bags

- Leather Overnight Bags

- Leather Bags

Leather as a material was popular since the old ages, due to its scarcity and difficulty to procure, in the modern-day and age, leather still holds the same status, a status of a well dressed or well-equipped man or woman.

1950s Style Bags & 1960s Style Bags

Leather Messenger Bags

The first messenger bag was created in the 1950s, and due to its popularity, the following decades saw a great rise in popularity of this bag.

Evidently, the retro leather messenger bag has crept into men's hands all over the world.

And due to its timeless style, at Gentcreate, we've decided to offer some of the best 1950s & 1960s bag style designs to you.

Vintage leather messenger bag
brown leather messenger bag - Gentcreate

Prestigious Leather Bags

Luxury Leather Bags for gentlemen

Within our leather bag collection, you'll find luxury leather bag designs that are both durable as they are unique.

If you are looking to buy a retro leather shoulder bag, a steampunk leather bag, a patina leather duffle bag, a classic weekender leather bag or a leather briefcase, we have it all!

- Explore various models within our leather bags collection and pick your new leathery companion!

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Classy Leather Bags

Buying a backpack or a bag is something special, becoming a part of you along your journeys.

And in order to best display your style, it's crucial to pick a bag aligned with your style preference.

A brown leather shoulder bag, a green leather bag, a full grain leather duffle bag or buffalo leather bags, or a leather luggage tag we have it all available for purchase within our online store at affordable prices.

Buy a leather bag at Gentcreate and you'll be happy with your choice, satisfaction guaranteed!

Buy Classy Leather Bags at Gentcreate


Leather Duffle Bag Medieval

Brown Leather Crossbody Bag

Brown Leather Crossbody Bag Opes

Brown Leather Crossbody Bag Via

Leather Messenger Bag Viri

Vegan Leather Messenger Bag Herba

Vintage Leather Briefcase Teneo

Soft Leather Crossbody Bag Optimum

Vegan Leather Duffle Bag Manus

Stylish Vegan Laptop Bag Nexus

Leather Messenger Bag Experientia

Brown Leather Messenger Bag Dux

Brown Leather Crossbody Bag Nuntius

Leather Shoulder Bag Figura

Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag Magnus

Vegan Leather Crossbody Steampunk Bag Vapor