Canvas Bags


Men's waxed canvas bags, waxed canvas messenger bags, waxed canvas duffle bags, waxed canvas crossbody bags, waxed canvas camera bags, and waxed canvas toiletry bags have reached star status as far as trends go.

Around the year 2021, the demand for these canvas and leather bags has risen to star heights!

At Gentcreate we are here to meet that need, and offer the highest quality waxed canvas bags made in the USA, UK, Sweden, and China.

We have gathered passionate designers that love all things gentlemen to construct specific styles that are both unique and classy at the same time.


Within our special dedicated men's waxed canvas bag collection, you'll find special vintage retro canvas bag designs you will love!

Browse our high-quality bags for men collection where you will find retro canvas duffle bags, retro canvas messenger bags, retro canvas weekender bags, retro canvas camera bags more specifically retro canvas DSLR camera bags.

We build special models all the way niched down to men's retro canvas travel shoulder bags messenger bags and waxed vintage bags in many colors such as black canvas bags, brown canvas bags, and army green waxed canvas bags.

How to clean a canvas bag & How to clean a canvas duffel bag?

We recommend cleaning and conditioning your canvas bags and duffel bags once per year. If you live in a particularly wet or dry climate, or if the items are heavily used, you might want to do it every six months.

Make sure to take a quality soft soap or dishwashing liquid then apply it to a soft brush or a waxed cotton cloth, then using circular motions brush away all the dirt.

After you are done, spray any leather conditioner to the waxed canvas material and now press a bit harder and rub it into the canvas material itself.

Proceed to brush away all shoulder straps, side pockets, front pockets, leather handles, and if you have a laptop bag brush the laptop compartment to make sure everything was thoroughly cleaned.

How Canvas Bags & Retro Canvas Bags Age with time?

Canvas backpacksย change with time, they will be very smooth at the start, of course depending on the exact canvas & how it was worked, but with smoothย canvas materials, it will remain as such for a long time before becoming stiffer & less smooth, giving it that vintageย look.

If you use your bag as a travel bag, it may get a bit rugged to wear and tear especially if it's used as a carry-on canvas bag.


As canvas bags & canvas backpacks materials are sturdy, they may have lines where you often bend the material, however, this usually gives it an even better, worn-out look with that extra texture on the bag you are wearing.

Most waxed cotton canvas is very water-resistant, and in most cases waterproof. It may not work as a life vest or a buoy, but it will save your laptop from rain any time!

At Gentcreate we offer free shipping for all our designs and we hope you'll add a waxed canvas bag to your personal item collection!