Skull Bracelet "Unicus" Mens Fashion | GENTCREATESkull Bracelet "Unicus" Mens Fashion | GENTCREATE
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Braided Leather Bracelet "Salve" - GentcreateBraided Leather Bracelet "Salve" - Gentcreate
On sale 44% OFF
Black On Black Crown - GentcreateBlack On Black Crown - Gentcreate
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Leather Anchor Bracelet "Nauta" - GentcreateLeather Anchor Bracelet "Nauta" - Gentcreate
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Crown Bracelet Combo "Vinco" - GENTCREATECrown Bracelet Combo "Vinco" - Gentcreate
On sale 31% OFF
Handmade Stone Cross - GentcreateHandmade Stone Cross - Gentcreate
On sale 15% OFF
2021 Fashion New  Spinner Rings For Men Simple 8 Mm Width Stainless Steel Rotatable Men Rings Jewelry Gift - Gentcreate2021 Fashion New  Spinner Rings For Men Simple 8 Mm Width Stainless Steel Rotatable Men Rings Jewelry Gift - Gentcreate
On sale 30% OFF

Spinner Ring

$44.99 $64.99
Bracelet "Anchoram"Bracelet "Anchoram"
On sale 21% OFF
Minimalist Silver Cuff Bracelet GentcreateMinimalist Gold Cuff Bracelet Gentcreate
On sale 31% OFF
Stainless Steel Silver Necklace "Chain"Stainless Steel Black Necklace "Chain"
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High-quality unique Men's jewelry is very hard to find unless you are browsing through our special Jewelry for Gentlemen collection!

Within our Gentleman jewelry collection, you will find top quality men's jewelry for under 70$.

The man has a SKULL BRACELET "UNICUS" on hand - Gentcreate
The man has a MENS BEADED CROWN BRACELETS "CORPUS" on hand - Gentcreate

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Men's Crown Bracelets

Beaded Bracelets

Men's Religious Bracelets

Men's Spiritual Jewelry

Leather Bracelets of all kinds

Constellation Zodiac Sign Bracelets

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And a lot more!

Shipped in Sustainable packages

Minimalist Jewelry

Our collection of unique gentlemen's jewelry and classic men's jewelry will be a refreshing upgrade to your already great styling!

Our broad selection of crown bracelet sets, skull bracelet sets, luxury beaded bracelets, men's beaded bracelets, crown of thorns bracelet sets, and men's skull bracelets will definitely be all you require to showcase your unique style with any outfit.

Along with our shop focusing on the modern gentleman, ladies shopping for our men's bracelets or men's beaded bracelets actually acquire these bracelets for themselves, so we understand if you guys shop a pair to gift one set to your loved one.

Check our curated jewelry pieces and shop for the one that best fits your style!

Black skull bracelet "UNIKUS" on a marble table - Gentcreate
The man has a MCROWN BRACELET "VIRUM"  on hand - Gentcreate



Our better halves usually end up "borrowing" our bracelets, necklaces, and sometimes even rings!

To help our fellow gentlemen, we at Gentcreate have released some items ladies love, and instead of allowing your lady to grab your special unique personal item, share a discount code "LadiesJewelry" and allow them to buy any piece of women's jewelry with a 10% discount and free shipping!

We believe in our products so strongly that you may end up buying your promise ring, engagement ring, or even a wedding ring at Gentcreate!

If you have any questions regarding wedding bands, ring sizes, or anything else contact us here by clicking Gentcreate.