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Leather, Alcantara & Other Premium Materials


Within our earphone case collection you'll find the most attractive, luxury looking earphone cases that are able to fit your earphones, and keep them safe and charged.

But most importantly, style-wise these earphone cases offer you a next-level upgrade of your gadget look!

Within our earphone case collection, we offer earphone cases, such as Alcantara earphone cases, Leather earphone cases & Suede earphone cases.

Sustainable Materials

Luxury Earphone Cases

As with other products sold at Gentcreate, we ship our packages in sustainable and biodegradable boxes & zipper bags.

Along with trying to minimalize our carbon footprint, many of designs sold at Gentcreate such as these luxury earphone cases are made using cruelty-free & sustainably sourced materials.

Alcantara Suede Leather

Alcantara Earphone Cases

Alcantara, a premium material used mostly in fitting interiors of luxury cars, boats and other vehicles, we have an entire selection of Alcantara Earphone Cases in many beautiful colors.

If you have never owned an Alcantara earphone case, you'll surely love it, just touching the suede material with feel as soft as a cloud.

Along with being soft, this material is non-slip & is easy to clean, and looks luxurious.


At Gentcreate we focus on the modern Gentleman.

And a modern gentlemen should have a leather product in their style, be that a belt, phone case or a leather earphone case - having a leather accessory is a must!

Our full-grain leather earphone cases offer the best leather money can buy, and surely a gentlemen of today should try to include it in their style.

Browse our leather earphone case collection, and Alcantara earphone case collection here.