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Clay & Ceramic Teapot Sets

Portable Teapot Sets

Made from processed clay, our portable teapot sets offer not only a multifunctional way to bring a tea party where ever you go, but also, buying our portable teapot sets allows you to do so in style!

Unique Portable Teapot Sets

Japanese Ceramic Teapot

Stemming from the Japanese culture, our Japanese ceramic teapot allows you do drift away to far eastern lands with just one sip of the tea made in this beautiful portable Japanese ceramic teapot.

Retro Mugs for Gentlemen

Coffee Mugs

A gentlemen should always have time for a cup of coffee.

Coffee was proven to be healthy when consumed in appropriate amounts.

And yet, more often than not, coffee is being consumed more than it should.

This is often done to repeat that lovely feeling of holding a warm cup of coffee, smelling that beautiful scent of roast coffee and sharing a conversation with your special someone.

But, in order to stay healthy limit yourself to one cup of coffee, but make it count!

- Drink it from a high-quality coffee mug designed to enhanced the good vibes a cup of coffee and a deep thoughtful conversation gives!

Men's Coffee Mugs & Men's Tea mugs

Tea Mugs & Coffee Mugs

A coffee lover, or a tea lover, no matter which one you are, we can all agree that a warm cup of our favorite beverage when spiced up with a good conversation is just something that we all wish to do more.

And for men, for whom the studies have shown that speak fewer words than women per day, a men's coffee mug isn't just a coffee mug, it's a chance for men to speak their mind with their pals, and deepen conversations & engage in networking.