Resin Tobacco Pipe - GentcreateResin Tobacco Pipe - Gentcreate
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Resin Tobacco Pipe

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Classic Curved Smoking Pipe - GentcreateClassic Curved Smoking Pipe - Gentcreate
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Double Filter Handmade Resin Pipe - GentcreateDouble Filter Handmade Resin Pipe - Gentcreate
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Wooden Smoke Pipes for Tobacco


There's nothing like an extraordinary book, your favorite chair, and a tobacco pipe to appreciate as you loosen up and reflect. 

We acknowledge that these small delights of life have to be taken advantage of, which is why we are happy to showcase this brilliant collection of wooden tobacco pipes.

Sustainable Wood Tobacco Pipes

The Best Wooden Smoking Pipes

Play your favorite tune, if you have the luxury of a fireplace, light it up, then light up your favorite tobacco inside the unique handmade wooden tobacco pipe by Gentcreate!

Made from reclaimed & sustainably sourced wood, our Tobacco Pipe & Smoker Accessories collections uncovers hidden gems in form of one-of-a-kind wooden pipes made for the elegant gentleman.

Rosewood Tobacco Pipes

Classic Tobacco Pipe for Men

Created from reclaimed rosewood, this tobacco pipe is made to last.

Inspired by the old-school classic retro tobacco pipes, these designs are both durable as they are aesthetic.

Within our Tobacco Pipe & Smoke Accessories corner, you'll find accessories like your wooden cigar holder, a cigar box and wooden pipes made to just add a little bit of class to your overall style.

Handmade Wooden Tobacco Pipes for Men

Built for the Gentlemen, these wooden tobacco pipes are so visually appealing, even if you are not a smoker, you can consider buying one as home decor!

Simply place some of our colorful tobacco pipes on their stand, and leave them on a table around the house to make your home even more in the style of the classic 1950s gentleman.