Wooden Watch "Viridis"

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Our Wooden Watch "Viridis" is incredible!

- Why?

It has three small dials made out of a light-absorbing & reflective material which illuminate your wooden watch in an incredibly beautiful way.

Our Wooden Watch "Viridis" is the number one wooden watch by the percentage of wood used in its creation!

It's almost entirely made out of high-quality wood, except for some parts inside the dial which require metallic components.

Why complicate things? - Wooden Watch "Viridis"  is a minimalist accessory, yes it's colored, yes it's minimalist, but yes that's why we as minimalists love it!

Don't overcomplicate things, wear this simply subtle classy wooden watch and tell the time at any time, it is perfect for wear with green/black outfits.

  • Clean design.
  • Dial diameter: 40mm.
  • Bandwidth:18mm.
  • Band Length: 23cm.
  • Water Resistance Pressure: 3Bar
  • Breathable Bracelet
  • Non-perspiration Bracelet Design
  • 85% Wood/15% Stainless Steel/Metal