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Alcantara iPhone Case - High-Quality Suede Mobile Phone Case

The Alcantara iPhone Case is a lightweight material phone case with a really soft touch feel as it's made out of quality material. Alcantara iPhone case feels really plush, soft, is water-repellent, stain-resistant, and highly scratch-resistant fabric - Alcantara is arguably the best material to be used as a luxury iPhone case.

Fully covered from top to bottom in gorgeous genuine Italian Alcantara, the Alcantara iPhone Case back case will not only transform your iPhone into a luxurious iPhone case but protect it from all sides while supporting wireless charging and still giving you full access to all your iPhone's functions, buttons, ports, speakers & cameras.

Pair it with our other Alcantara collection items for the ultimate style!

What is Alcantara Leather? - Alcantara Suede

  • Alcantara isn't actually leather, Alcantara is an artificial high-quality, non-stain durable material that feels like suede to the touch.
  • Developed for the car industry, this material has only recently seen other uses like in our high-quality soft-touch Alcantara iPhone Cases by Gentcreate.
  • Commonly used as car interior material for luxury vehicles, there was a high demand for iPhone Cases made out of Alcantara suede.
  • At Gentcreate we try to meet the need of our customers and create exciting sustainably sourced products that include free shipping.

High-Quality iPhone Case Alcantara

Our Alcantara iPhone cases come in many colors, some of the most popular are, black Alcantara iPhone case and green Alcantara phone case.

Our Alcantara cases are made specifically for the most popular mobile phone on the market.

Within our men's accessories shop on Gentcreate, you'll find many more Alcantara suede items.

But, within our Alcantara mobile phone cases, the most commonly sold designs are Alcantara iPhone 11 pro cases, iPhone X Alcantara cases, Alcantara iPhone XS cases, and Alcantara iPhone 12 Pro cases.

Alcantara vs Leather Phone Case Which to buy?

Alcantara has recently been introduced into the luxury phone case market, and leather phone cases have been here for a while. It's always good to have a choice when matching your phone case with your wardrobe and style.

In a world where looks matter, it's really good to feel good as well with the softest touch a phone case can give! - Try it out, or we give your money back!

Green Alcantara iPhone Case Gentcreate