Alcantara Samsung Case

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Alcantara Samsung Case - Boost your mobile phone case game!

Alcantara is a suede-like material reserved for men and women wanting a luxurious mobile phone case.

Don't buy a quality mobile phone and use a low-grade phone cover, instead buy a high-quality Alcantara phone cover to keep your mobile phone safe!

Our Alcantara Samsung Cases for mobile phones are the perfect choice to protect your mobile phone which contains all your cherished data and personal information!

Gentlemen usually rely on their clothes, wardrobe, and manners to be classy, but often forget that in today's world we carry our phones with us everywhere! - So having a high-quality Samsung Alcantara cover for your phone is absolutely crucial to your style and feel.

How to clean Alcantara Phone Case?

Alcantara is actually a high-quality artificial material made from polyester and polyurethane both of which are completely safe materials used in many economic areas, and once dried they are used to create Alcantara material.

Alcantara is usually stain proof but can darken when in touch with dark-colored wet liquids.

In order to clean your Alcantara phone case, spray any fabric clearer on a soft-bristled brush and brush the affected surface.

You'll see that with every stroke of the brush the stains will appear less and less, once done, let your Alcantara case dry, and it will be absolutely stain proof!

The Best non-slip phone case in all colors

Our Galaxy Alcantara case, as well as other Alcantara Phone cases sold at Gentcreate, are slip-proof phone cases, and also shock-resistant phone cases.

We sell all Samsung Phone model Alcantaras cases, especially for the most popular models.

Within our Alcantara case collection you'll find, Samsung Galaxy S9 Alcantara Phone Case, Samsung Alcantara case s9 plus, Samsung Alcantara case s8 plus, Samsung Alcantara note 9, Samsung Alcantara galaxy note 8, and other Samsung Alcantara suede cases.

Slippery phone case fix - Luxury Alcantara Phone Cases

Forget spraying your phone case with any "non-slip" liquids on the market, instead of solving the issue where your phone case doesn't grip and you crack your screen by buying the best phone case on the market!

Our Alcantara Samsung Case is made-to-order and hand-inspected from corner to corner. With this, we can: ensure high-quality products, remain environmentally conscious by preventing excess waste. We promise 100% satisfaction. Our Alcantara Samsung Case is washable and easy to clean with moist tissues or cloth, also provides maximum protection for your Samsung Galaxy series telephone.

  • Designed with a raised front lip to protect your phone’s screen when faced down
  • Extremely durable
  • Matte sides to ensure a non-slip grip
  • Supports wireless charging

Alcantara Samsung Case for Phone Gentcreate Black Color