Brown Leather Crossbody Bag "Nuntius"

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Dark Brown Leather Crossbody Bag "Nuntius" 1970's Style

Made using quality leather, our dark brown leather crossbody bag "Nuntius" emits the classic busy New Yorker style.

This full grain leather messenger bag "Nuntius" is the best of both worlds, it matches a busy urban city look and a nature-inspired look in form of mud-brown leather color.


Luxury Brown Crossbody Bag "Nuntius"

The urban style of the brown crossbody bag has a distinct style about it, a 1970s New York feel to it, the Brown Leather Crossbody Bag "Nuntius" simply has this classy feel about it, and with its simple design, it goes hand-in-hand and looks awesome with any style you go for especially the classic New York gentleman style.

Our backpacks and bags from our men's collection highlight are this amazing hands-free Men's Crossbody Bag that has a high-quality adjustable strap.

This cross body bag is perfect to wear on business days as well as any other day! Ever since duffle bags, leather purses, leather crossbody purses, hobo bags leather or canvas were added to our collection bags crossbody, shoulder bags tote bags with shoulder straps were trending!

We have seen a spike in trends towards earthy-colored bags, especially brown leather bags and men's crossbody bags.

This trend has motivated us at Gentcreate to create the perfect 1970s style messenger bag, dark brown leather crossbody bag "Nuntius"!


Classic New Yorker Crossbody Leather Bag 

New York has always been an epicenter of fashion trendsetters, New York in the 1970s was a mecca of fashion, debatably even more so than in the modern-day and age. Gentcreate's brown leather crossbody bag "Nuntius" - ( Latin for Messenger or Ambassador ) will make you feel like you are a member of the senate, a distinguished gentleman set upon his errands with a classy looking badass companion in the form of our preciously designed brown leather crossbody bag "Nuntius".

The distinct look and feel of our freshly designed dark brown crossbody bag simply fit your wardrobe like a charm, its leather straps, padded straps, zipper pocket, and double waist belt design simply work perfectly.


Brown Leather Crossbody Bag "Nuntius" features:

  •  33cm x 9cm x 24 cm
  • Full Grain Leather
  • Crossbody Bag
  • Leather Straps
  • Two Waist Straps
  • Padded Straps
  • Outside Zipper Pocket
  • Fits 15 Laptop and lesser sized laptops
  • Messenger Bag Design
  • Smooth Leather