Leather Shoulder Bag "Figura"

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Leather Shoulder Bag "Figura" The best waterproof duffel bag

Inspired by Hollywood duffle bags for transporting cash, a new star arises - From the Gentcreate weekend bag collection, men's leather shoulder bag "Figura"!

It's an overnight bag for classy gentlemen and gentlewomen, it's matched by nothing with its Hollywood style and retro movies feel, maybe it will hold cash and maybe not, but whatever you bring with your men's leather shoulder bag "Figura" it's guaranteed you'll travel in style!

Leather duffel bags have never been this popular! Our full-grain leather shoulder bag "Figura" is simply said a great bag that stays dry even when submerged in water.

It has a high-quality water-resistant zipper and welded seams even if submerged in water to leave your items and gear dry.

Our full-grain leather shoulder bag "Figura" has zippered pockets, a quick access shoe compartment, padded shoulder straps, and a removable shoulder straps root.

Gentcreate has worked hard to design a heavy-duty waterproof duffle bag that we consider the best waterproof duffel bag on the market.


Weekenders Guide on how to choose your overnight leather bag

When picking out your weekend duffle bag, consider your travel needs, do you need a spacious bag, do you need multiple compartments, is the bag light enough so that you don't feel overburdened, and finally does it look nice? - Of course, our men's leather shoulder bag "Figura" has it all, its movie star design will have your partner ask if they can "borrow" your bag, but don't fall into this trick, as they'll surely steal it!

Make choose to pick a duffel bag material and color to fit your needs. It's best to consider when buying your leather duffel bags to fit them color-wise into your current wardrobe.

It can be the best waterproof duffel bag, but if the color isn't right the bag will simply not fit your style!

That being said, the best waterproof duffel bag for you will be the one that fits your style the most, of course, some extra features will help like compression straps, a roll down top, or similar, but having a full-grain leather duffel bag that is quick access with a shoe compartment and stays dry during travels will be the best choice for you.


The difference between a weekend bag and an overnight bag

  • A quality weekend bag should have enough room to store 2 to 3 nights' worth of clothes, toiletries, gadgets, and an extra pair of shoes and a dirty clothes compartment ensuring a comfortable weekend stay.
  • An overnight bag doesn't need to be too spacious as long as it can hold your pajamas, toiletries, an extra set of clothes, gadgets, and slippers, as you are not spending more than one night, keep it your bag, or leather bag choice classy.

How to pick the right duffel bag?

It's recommended to choose a waterproof duffel bag if you can choose. As we mentioned, we consider this to be the best waterproof duffel bag Gentcreate has in stock at this time.

Best Features Men's Leather Shoulder Bag "Figura"

  • Style: Business casual
  • The Best Men's Travel Bag
  • Large capacity
  • Waterproof Leather Bag
  • Perfect for: Weekend Getaways or Overnight Stays
  • Wear: Single Shoulder Bag / Duffel Bag
  • Material: Full Grain Leather
  • Bag Hardness: Sturdy

 Leather Shoulder Bag "Figura" The best waterproof duffel bag Gentcreate